Sunday, November 13, 2016

Black & Tan & being Scared

I started hearing it at the beginning of this week.
I thought something tragic had happened. I thought there maybe was a Cancer diagnosis.
Or maybe a loved one had been lost.
Then I kept reading it. And I realized it was a "perceived loss".
I put 2 and 2 together and realized it was Political.
(do yourself a favor and Stop reading this)
My parents never talked about their political affiliations.
I had no idea if they leaned to the left or the right. It wasn't a taboo topic.
I was always told to read as much as I could, and listen with both of my ears.
I may be a bit more mouthy now, but every summer, back then, I was a member of the 100+ book club. And even now, when I could be sitting in a pub, I'd rather still be a member of that book club.
So matter who's in that chair at the end of the day, there's some things to get out of the way.
1. I'm scared of losing my friends.
At this time in my life, they are few and further(than I'd like) in between.
I'm scared of losing friends that have opposite opinions and cannot see the in between. Since when do we have to agree on everything? Can we not have intelligent discussions of opposition?
You have judgment, I have judgment, and That's okay. You don't think I know there's judgment that my husband drives an F-150, and I've got a 45 inked on my back? Please..
2. I'm scared of Not having people around like my Grandpa.
He showed up for work, stayed late, helped others, and sometimes did so, without taking a  break. He moved my mom and her family across the country and commuted over an hour a day each way, without so much of a coffee stop.
I'm sure my elders had similar discussions in their day. But everyday I see a significantly strong part of the workforce fading. I (attempt) to talk to people(mostly strangers) that prefer to spend their time behind a screen. People that prefer to type away rather than talk things through. I see the ramifications and results of Ricky and Rebecca after recording hours a day on an I- pad. People say it makes them smarter. Nope. It makes them socially awkward, and unable to accept when things don't go their way. Some games you just cannot Play Again.
So guess what?
Bad things happen everyday. Bad thing happen no matter who occupies what office.
All the posts you've been re- posting? I guarantee you there were happening, here and there for months now. If you have to spear a safety pin into you're sleeve to prove you're a good person? Maybe its time to re assess, what you put out there. I'm pretty sure a few people out there I've seen wearing pins have been positively awful to Me.
But be glad I don't hold grudges. I move on quickly, and hope we can all do the same this season.

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