Thursday, October 20, 2016

Brunch, Bricks, and Being Quiet

I'm beginning to read a ton of blasphemy about 2016. People from Denver to Delaware declaring it was the "Worst Year Ever"...Really?
I even read yesterday that 2016 is the "Florida" of years,,bahaha Sorry Pensacola.
Perhaps because it's a Presidential election year?..we'll get to That in another blog..
2016 has been pretty provisional to me and Mr. P. I've got the photos on my phone to scroll through at a moments notice, if I need a pick me up on a Monday,, or Tuesday. We actually made plans, and got out of Port Washington. We pummeled our home inside out and turned a 2 family into one. And we forged forward for our future and said goodbye to the past. Just 2 people and our pets. We fled from forced conversation and spent time with real friends 
2014, 2015? Hasta la Vista. 
What word stands out for me, that's means 2016?
I never before have understood how much that word means to me. Or how much I value it. You hear, "Be Quiet" all time as a toddler, into your teens. And I'm beginning to think in adulthood we should say it more: To each other.
Quiet means to me, after a day of hearing Nothing but people talk and ask me questions, I can come home and say Nothing. Quiet means to me we don't have to fill the space. Quiet also means to me that I don't have to ask you questions at a firing squad pace, or get in your personal space. Quiet also means I may not even have the music on. We've also gotten into a nice little Friday night noshing at home routine.
P and I recently came to the conclusion that we just want a quiet life.
We don't care bout the money we make or the opinions of the minions.
We are on a different path, and that may Not jive with Your math. Too many times people compare the lives of others to their own. Did you ever think you were meant for something Better? We have.
 I was never good at math anyway. I'd rather use my right brain and take the trail less traveled.  
And if you don't like the sounds of that, you can just,
Be Quiet. 

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