Monday, October 17, 2016

BOO!. And my lack of Blogging

Tis the season..and Just when I think I can silently creep away(pun Intended)
Several people bring up to me the fact that I haven't posted in quite some time.
Damn. Caught red handled. What I wasn't prepared for, was people thinking that I was in some kind of,, funk? Or perhap I've run out of stories,,
We haven't even Gotten to the guy I used to date that insisted on wearing 2,, 2 pairs of underwear at one time!!..bygones.or that fact that his Father got some secret pleasure by trapping rabbits in the yard, then coming home at night to chop their heads off..It ended soon after I learned That.. (I told you I wasn't out of stories)
 1. When I go on a hiatus, theres usually SO much to blog about going on,, I just have to let it steep.
I have to marinade about the topic, how it affects Me, and all of you. And maybe if you too, have  run into the situation.(see how nice I am, considering the reader?!)
2. 1st thing you should have learned by reading This Blog, is everyone, everywhere, takes everything Personally. So it goes,, Said thing happens. I'm usually horrified, and want to Share. Then said Person gets pissed and gets on My case. There is a unwarranted amount of animosity that puts on the "shot caller", or someone that continues to point out the obvious. I can't tell you how many times people have assumed I'm a hateful person , or miserable. Remember the old adage about when you Assume?
Yeah,, You make an ass out of you, Not Me.
3. It's exhausting being This brilliant..and maybe having the Balls to say what I do.
I've had so many people come to me with topics and things that have happened to them they think I should cover. My blog here is an open book, and I've offered the pages up to be a ghost(pun again) writer. Apparently, they're still in shackles about weather or not they're up to Share.
So those of you that have stayed with me, Thank you.
It can be fun, and funny, and always sassy, speaking to you on the things that affect us all.
But it can also be stressful, hurtful to personal relationships, and anxiety inducing.
But from Day 1, I've always said, I mean what I say, I say what I mean, but I don't ever say it Mean.

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