Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fireworks & being Facebook Free

It's been 4 weeks,, and I couldn't be more Freaking excited.
Four weeks free of Facebook, and the feeling is fleeting.
4 weeks Free of the time suck, and really not giving a *uck.
For those of you who Will say, "I'm bareley Ever on it",
I call Bullshit. Ever time you open your phone, you're On it.
Every time you have to wait in line, sit at an appointment, or maybe even get stuck in a stand still (traffic) you open up That Pill. That pill being the babysitter of social media. The site that keeps you entertained, because you just can't possibly Sit still for a moment.

Facebook originally started as a platform for upper classmen to share and like other college classmates photos. You needed a university or college address to log in. If Zuckerberg was Really onto something he'd now be using AARP numbers to log in and displaying ads for Depends in the side bar. ( god I'm awesome...!)

It has been roughly 7 years, time has been sucked out of my life. And true, I was once a willing participant. I put my photos out there like everyone else and checked in with my cocktail of choice. Then, about a year ago, it Really started to irritate me. (well, probley close to 3 years ago)
Where Facebook was giving me a TON , and I do mean a TON of blogging material. It started to dawn on me, how very un- Interesting all those updates were.
Ordinarily I can be captured on the commonplace of human characteristics. However, the (not- so) humble brag of the Book', became tiresome. I even penned an adjective describing the Enablers that continue these facades to fester.
"Fanabelers"- People on Facebook that Like, or Comment adoringly, on photo after photo, giving a false sense of affirmation to the audience. These people usually give the Same comment on Every photo, even if it involves a different person.E#x: "The Most Beautiful Bride ever!!"
(didn't you just say that about(different name) last week???)
You're welcome Zuckerberg,, can I get my check now?
So for roughly 4 weeks now I've been Facebook clean.
and you know what's Happened??!
Nothing. And.. Everything.
I may have missed your 42 photos from the State Fair, shoving your faces full of cream puffs.
But I did see the 1 phtoto- shopped, and filtered fabulous one over on Instagram.
I also didn't see you're super sunny photos from that one last summer vacation, but I did make suppers for an entire week in that 7am hour.
I have tracked and relished the found time I've had from fleeing Facebook.
Roughly 90 minutes everyday to do #allthethings.
Walk my dogs, make some Dinner, and do all things Diana.

So this Labor Day, make your Own kind of Fireworks, that don't need photographic evidence, and maybe think about Fleeing Facebook.

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