Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What about August?

It started happening This week.
And who do you know, but our good friend Target to get it started?? 
The "Happy Fall Ya'll" and the Pumpkin Spice this and the Pumpkin spice That.
The tablecloths masquerading as #blanketscarves, and every sorority sister South of Chicago complaining about how Hot it is and "They Just Want Fall" (insert whining voice).
Let's not forget the early release of a certain hot drink, served at the epicenter of all #basicgirl gatherings.
You're ruining it , you know.
You're ruining My August.
You're ain't  making the Back to School angst any easier.
Now I know it's been sunny and hot, in many spots since April. But August to me is the most consistent of all the months in mind. Please consider, ever been to an outdoor wedding in June?
Better bring a bomber jacket. And July? Well July is the best month ever, and then comes August.
August always gets the shaft because of Back to School. No summer fun can be had at all, because well, you know.. it's Fall!??
 August gets swept under the rug of fake fall leaves that haven't even hit the ground yet, but are strewn across you mantle.
I get it.
I love Fall, with Ya'll. But in my suburban area, summer only lasts 3 months. And I consider September to be part of summer.
When I was growing up, we had that one "weird" neighbors that lit up their holiday décor the day after Thanksgiving. We made excuses that they were both teachers and they had the holiday weekend to do all their decorating. It was still Super Weird.
But now, it's the norm for you all to be reaching for Rudolph and Frosty, before the calendar even flips to November.
When I consider that most of you will have snowmen and Christmas out November 1st, I start to understand why you have to shove Fall in my way, even before Labor Day.
So on this last day of August, maybe its time to take one last leap in the lake.
 Perhaps this holiday weekend, consider keeping the indian corn at bay, and enjoying the start of September.

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