Monday, August 29, 2016

Perhaps, Potentially, & Polka Dots

Someone from a recent past shared that my reactions to things,
using certain words was becoming Quite predictable.
I would consider the word, Consistent, more complimentary. 
Allow me to explain(according to Her )
Potentially: Apparently if I was asked about something , or For something, and my answer at that time was: Potentially. The answer was almost always No.
Perhaps: Almost always Probley Not.
Maybe its my way of making someone feel like they have a chance, but more often than not, I'll give you answer on the spot( see what I did there?? Spots? Dots?)
As much as I'd like to think I'm not a mundane human being, Consistency can be quite comfortable.
What you see is what you get, and what you get is what you see?
Don't we all just need a little bit less of the B?(bullsh*t) 
Having a low range of predictability, in the world of People Management is an absolute asset.
Do you have any idea the amount of self control it takes, to on a daily basis to keep from giving someone my Jet Blue Moment? (for those of you that have been on Coffee awhile Cheers to understanding That reference!)
The fact that I could be screaming at someone in my head, and not display that In a single shred? #lifeskills my friends. I'm not sure the millennials will ever get that.
So I'll take it on the chin, and to my chagrin, that you think I'm predictable.
Next time you think about coming to your boss, with awful news about the sauce(or any other disasters) you'll be thankful if he see's the cup half full.
I will always help you come to a compromise.
And, next time you ask for something, you'll have your answer, before I can give you a line of Bull.

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