Sunday, August 21, 2016

Leopard Pants & an Elbow PSA

I woke up this morning in a Great mood.
It was 64 degrees, the breeze was coming through the trees and Annie and I had a great sleep.
(I am learning the restorative power of sleep)
I make the Coffee, and meander my way through e mails.
Since I've been 2 weeks and Facebook Clean(highly recommend it), I started screening the daily Instagram updates. Then,, I see it..I see it and immediate get irritated,, Like Facebook irritated.
Irritated at seeing the same thing day after day. Seeing all the #basicness.
Girl and Boy attend wedding. Girl and boy coordinate outfits. Girl and boy pose in front of picturesque setting and want to document the day.
Then..She Does IT.
She ruins the damn moment.. The Gotta Throw That Damn Elbow..See below for reference..(qualifier: This is JUST for reference)
And Yes,, for those of you familiar with this farce, it has morphed into the throwing elbow With the lean back! Pro Tip,, The throwing elbow is Intended for pics while wearing sleeveless styles.
Further Pro Tip: Honey, You Ain't on the Red Carpet(ancient origin of the Thrown Elbow)
It just makes me Bored.
Bored for Humanity. Embarrassed for Bonnie Rae, and Mary Jo, and for who ever else does this for Show. If there is Indeed, another breed or another segment of humanity watching us all from above, they must be on the floor, laughing at us.
A few years ago I even had a girl, that every time she's try on clothes for her boyfriend, she'd Have to Throw an Elbow. If she didn't? The boy wouldn't be on board for that brown sweater.
Have I personally Ever thrown an elbow?
Sure, all day long. Often to
punctuate the absurdness of it All.
But we're pretty blunt here on this Bloggity. 
And if I'm doing my Daddy proud and
Say what I mean, and Mean what I say, I will proclaim this All Day: 
Girls: You Ain't doing your abs or arms any favors.
Unless your Tracy Anderson, it's Totally not Hot.
Contorting your appendages into awkward angles, Isn't cute.
Perhaps, next time, get lost In the moment, move your body in a more meaningful manner.
Considerer this your PSA, and Stop Posing for every dag gone Picture!

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