Friday, August 19, 2016

Guilty Pleasure: Closet Confessional

Part of being a #lifestyleengineer is finding every single space, and making it useful,
And beautiful. As part of our #farmhouserenovation, we had this closet in the former kitchen that (somewhat) functioned as a pantry. There were no shelves in it, just some hooks for brooms and such. And a galley for the garbage cans.
Like most farmhouse closets, you can walk in and turn to your left and right and take a few steps. Imagine what I could do, in just one night!
For years I have been basketing my pajamas.
Underneath our bed, or in a stack overhead. I never had an organized system of separating my sleepwear. Imagine to my OCD Delight, My Ironed Pajamas Now have a place, And on Padded hangars!! I just asked P recently if he thought I'd be 60 and still be donning doggie jammies. Yup.
We knew once we moved upstairs, that the weekend would come, and which one of us would go down and make Coffee, would come up. #whitegirlproblems 
So being the sensible girl I am, I gathered al my pretty cut glass mugs, and made those shelves be sensational! P added outlets for our Mrs. Tea Maker and moved in the Keurig. 
Now we don't even have to go downstairs for the Coffee grounds!
So if you haven't turned over, or opened every door in your domicile, I challenge you to make sure every space in your home, Isn't a Bore! 

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