Wednesday, August 24, 2016

BoHo dress & what I've learned about Blogging

So it's been about 3 years, and 40,000 views later for this little Bloggity.
I though, perhaps for the betterment, or maybe just for kicks, I'd Share a few of my take aways. 
1. Everyone is Offended
I didn't learn this as part of penning a Blog. I knew this well enough in advance. People are either made because you're talking bout them, or they're mad because you're Not talking about them.
I have Always, Always said that, if you're offended at something I speak of, it's due in large part because I'm talking about YOU. You inherently know your guilty about what ever I speak of..
Pro Tip: Only take offense from someone you care about. No one else matters.
2. It must be the money
For all those Bloggers who get paid to post, I am not(or have I) going to Jump into that Pot.
If you see me photographing the face wash I use with some cheeky Proctor & Gamble product placement, you'll know I've Sold Out. No one needs to know what I use when.
And for reference, I have been contacted, to carry on about a few products. Not too many are willing to put their name next to mine, So running this little blog on my own, suits me Just fine.
3. Like it to Know It Links:
These may as well be called, " If you can't figure out how to log onto a website to buy this thing you're stupid". And bloggers that don't tell you where something is from because they're insistent on keeping That information "private?" Bye Felicia..
In the intense world of trying to be an original, being a "fashion blogger" sometimes can be anything, but.
4. The Ferocious need to have it all, First.
Every time a new collection hits a retail clothier, there is a crazy demand, in the blogging world, Who will have it 1st? Depending on the dough a blogger has spent, decides who will have it 1st. Many retailers will stroke the feathers, and egos of bloggers, by sending them freebies some, or gift certificates to keep them in the good graces. One blogger in particular, had some not-so-nice things to say about a certain brand. Next New York fashion week, she was on a private jet to enjoy some (more) freebies.
Someone recently asked me, if Louis Vuitton sent me a handbag, would I blog about it.
I took a moment, and thought about it.
He was a bit surprised the answer was, No.
This blog Has always been about What I've bought, or lessons I have been taught.
It was never about gathering followers, or making money.
It was always about #sayingallthethings and talking about what we encounter, and making light of it.
If I ever lose sight of that? 
Then you can consider me a sell out .

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