Tuesday, July 19, 2016

When your Ex dates the Exact Opposite

Very few things about Human Behavior, baffle me anymore..
I have 30 some odd years experience evaluating it, and being underwhelmed by it.
So when you so some snooping, and find out who now fits in the space you used to sit, and that seat is twice your size, It's Shocking. 
At this point, if I start thinking about That Person, I can only presume he's passed.
I've always had some weird telepathy thing, where, I will randomly start thinking about something, then will later see it on the news. I just asked my Bestie if she has this. As we have been born only 4 days apart. Like, I know when the phone rings, who will be on the receiver. Nope. She doesn't.
When your with someone that wants you to look a certain way, and you Don't, it can be worry some.
If I was to stay where I was, I wouldn't look in any way the same. 
My hair could be down to there, and my boobs,, well they would get nothing but stares. I even asked him once, What if I get Cancer and am affected by these surgeries? His reply was: "At least you'll die looking good",,No he wasn't joking.
 By him, this was the order of the world, and thankfully I had the sense to run for the border.
After all that warped thinking,
It took me awhile to find out, Who I Really Am.
So when I see, the one who replaced Me. I am shocked, and truly confused.
After all those demands and dictations, this dame doesn't hold a candle to me.
You may have Traded In, but you didn't buy New, and You certainly didn't Trade Up. 
I realized, he may have felt I didn't look right, but I was so glad that I put up a fight.
I didn't change for anyone else's ideal, and neither should you, no matter how you feel.
So when your ex starts dating someone, the exact opposite, know it was him, that wouldn't just Fit. 

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