Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rainy Day trip to Dans

If you're ever in the Northwoods of Wisconsin  and have yourself a dreary day, I highly recommend a day visit to Dan's.
Dan's is a great day trip with 2 levels of other people's leftovers, and the kind of stuff I love. 
Cash is King and Dan doesn't dicker, but I've never been shocked at the price on any sticker.
P and I have spent plenty of time, tooling around and picking up goodies to fill the truck. Just this past visit we found beside tables for our new Master, an an incredible deal on these elk sheds!! Where somebody doesn't have a vision or thought what to do with these, I say, "Handles on our new french doors, Please!!"
Last fall, before we even forged our 1st step into our #bathroomremodel, I found this amazing Dresser at Dan's. $45 and 5 layers of paint stripped off later, it is Now P's lavatory basin!
So next time your in the Northwoods, and have some beastly weather, get off your backside and take a ride! There's no telling the lovelies you'll find, if you open your mind!

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