Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Farmhouse Renovation: shower edition

It all started with a crazy tiny bathroom. 
With a door that you almost had to walk sideways though, and if you were over 5'8, your knees would bang on the bathtub walls when using the loo. 
There was an elementary school sink(loved that sink though,,) And that tub,, well that tub won the sledgehammer test when I was the one to throw the first punch.
So one day in mid-winter, that wall came tumbling down.
Crazy thing about a renovation is, the moment you start any movement, the minions will start making assumptions and asking questions. 
"Are you almost done?"
"When will you be done?", "why isn't it Done yet?" 
I'll stand behind: Ignorance is Bliss on this one. They really Don't know.
Show me any type of home improvement project, where a carpenter, a plumber And a tile guy have to all harmoniously come together. Show me a project that goes off with these 3, without a hitch, and happens on any sort of time line and I'll give them work for a lifetime.
Great work takes time. The idea that in 6 months, more or less, we turned a kitchen into a master suite is Magical. No wand necessary. 
After a week and a half of shimming, and leveling, and them some shimming more, my gorgeous grey subway tile, filled that space that old tub used to take up. 
Sometimes, even the most serious planning doesn't seem to work. At the very last, and I Do mean last minute, we realized the floor tile of the shower wasn't going to work. The reclaimed wood- inspired tile, couldn't touch that tub floor. In the 11th hour, there I was. Considering the adjectives, the space, the house, the drain. It was a landslide decision, that changed everything about this project.
I put my money on Gold.
During all the planning and talking with my tile guy, I could tell he may have been thinking I was troubled. My bum didn't need any benches, and I for SURE never wanted any "niches" . Have you ever cleaned soap Scum outta one of those things?? Nope. I wanted clean walls, no distraction and the least amount of hardware, and holes. I could tell I was making his mind work, and I liked it. It may be the most simple space he's ever done, but it's clearly all Dianah.
You GUYS!!!
Pinch me,, No, Wait a minute,, No one likes to be pinched, and I'm not at all Irish.
 I absolutely cannot believe This is my Bathroom.
I'm used to planning for other people, and suggesting things for spaces. But when you get to live it and breathe it, it's far better.
I don't know how long we'll live in This space.
If you follow me on Pinterest (*hint hint, you should @dianahdashner), You'll already know I'm planning The Next One(board).
It's hard for this girl to sit idle for any amount of time.
But for now, this has been my favorite part of our
Farmhouse Renovation! 

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