Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tell me Something Good

Every Good story starts with some drama. Everyone loves a good shit story..heck my BFF and I a spend every other morning talking about the latest, and Not so greatest. 
I've always said, there's a different energy when someone has something scandalous to share. When something Good happens, we're all just expectant of it.
I have a solid relationship with my Mom. I haven't always, but we've found our way to each other, and most of those miles have been traveled by me. And as close as we've come, I still don't tell her everything. I don't tell her everytime P and I have an arguement. Mostly because she's extremely opinionated (go figure) and would usually listen briefly then turn it into being my fault.
We've all got That friend. 
That friend that's dating That guy. Or That girl. 
And all you hear is the shit stories. The complaints. The crappy behavior, the lack of ambition. I used to have to hear about a gals husband that would be gaming when she left for work in the morning, only to return to see him still gaming, just with a side of chips and salsa 9 hours later.
Fast forward a few years later, and you find yourself getting the hefty card and envelope set in the mail. You respond promptly and go to sit for the divine service. The beloved bride and groom smile sweetly to each other, and the rest of us wonder..How in the World is This going to work?

As a Good friend, I'm hardest in the ones I hold closest. I want the best for them, and that includes their intimate relationships. 
So next time we talk, tell me something good. Tell me something that's going  to help me uderstand why this person deserves to be with you. If you only tell me the bad things, I'll  likely tell you to find that person a set of wings.

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