Tuesday, May 10, 2016

She's my Little Whiskey girl

Sunday after Derby day, we decided to spend a beautiful day headed down the bourbon trail. It was the perfect day and a great way to do something that would interest the boys after a day of wearing fancy clothes.
Roughly 20 minutes outside of Louisville is the Jim Beam Distillery. The drive is beautiful and there's a whole lot more of Kentucky to see. Jim Beam makes about 16 different types of bourbon and whiskey and the grounds are breathtaking.
You have the option of doing a self guided tour (yes), sign up for a tasting event(yes) or do the Actual tour, that takes you all over the grounds with a docent for 90 minutes (nope)
These people have their s*it together! The tasting  events are FREE! There is a 10 minute informational piece, where a guide tells you the differences between all the products and what Not to waste your time on tasting.
Everything  is pretty measured, so there's no over pouring. This was by far one of Petes favorite parts of the trip. And for this self- proclaimed Whiskey Girl, not a bad way to whistle the afternoon away.

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