Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Madras & Making small talk

Just about 2 months ago, someone contacted me that used to work for me.
I was her manager for about a year, and it didn't end that well, so I wasn't expecting to have tea and crumpets with her. But I was open to the conversation and adult enough to know it may not come with good graces.
I gave my contact info to a mutual gal we know and let it go from there.
For those of you that Don't know me, I Don't Social Media with anyone I manage. Maybe I will once we don't work together. But not in the there and now.
Your private time is Your private time, and so is mine.
What you want to Snap. and Selfie, and where you want to sit in your time off, is your business. And if said Snaps and Selfies happen when one should be on the clock,, You can bet either way, it's going to get around the block, and back to me.

So about 2 days later,  the long lost texts started turning up.
It's like getting a Facebook request from someone you haven't seen or heard from in over 10 years.. and Now they want IN?
I politely replied and re-hashed some of what I've been doing since our last sighting. 
I even went out of my way, and was clear about finding her intentions, :
"If your interest in me and my life is genuine, Great. But if your interests in catching up is merely to gossip with other girls we both know, well the I have to say Sayonara, and good luck"

She waxed poetic about how she wanted my friendship, and how her intentions were pure. Pure as some putrid water I say. Sure there was talk of having happy hour cocktails and catching up. But I don't really drink so much. And if I'm keeping with my comfortable introverted self after hours, I'd rather not sit next to someone making small talk. 
So what happened after we re-hashed the last 3 years or so?
No cocktails. The Texts dropped off the map. 
If you wanted to be in my life you would be. And if I wanted you to be there, you would be.
We're not in each others lives for a reason, and I don't have any regrets.
I'd rather be wearing Madras, than Making small talk.

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