Sunday, May 15, 2016

Makers Mark & Matt Weber

Most normal peoples 1st experience with alcohol is tragic and something they'd rather forget. Read: That Halloween in Madison??  Never did I ever touch peach schnapps again. 
However, the 1st time I went the way of Whiskey? We were in love. 
People like to say all sorts of things about Brown alcohol, and even stoop to blame their foul behavior on it.
I say, Blame it on the Goose..

So naturally as part of our Derby take over last week, a trip down the bourbon trail was totally necessary. About 90 minutes after leaving Louisville, you start to see the kind of Kentucky you've imagined.  P and I drove like we were teenagers again through throughbred country. And I had to wander where it all started.  
My first bit of bourbon came from a Makers Mark bottle. My friend Matt at the time knew I was tired of drinking beer, and I wanted a new beverage  He poured me a drink and I actually liked it. ( I think it was part of a dare)
Being a whiskey girl certainly has it advantages. 
1. Ordering a drink could never be easier. There's literally no way a bartender can mess up a Jack & Coke, which has now morphed into Jack & Ginger in my world. Unless of course you get some ass that thinks you Really wanted a Rum & Coke, because You Can't be That hardcore. No, Save the coconuts for my water. I don't want it Near my whiskey.
2. Ordering a Jack & Coke almost immediately keeps the creepers at bay. Back in my dating days, when the nearest douche baggage would hear me order, it was better than a sign to say, "Don't mess with me"
So to commemorate my old Friend Matt, and to say we did it, we bought a bottle of the brown stuff. Gloves and goggles on, we gave that old bottle a dip in the red wax and sealed the deal. This self- made ( with help)  whiskey girl  had to make a trip to Makers Mark.

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