Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day moments

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Makers Mark & Matt Weber

Most normal peoples 1st experience with alcohol is tragic and something they'd rather forget. Read: That Halloween in Madison??  Never did I ever touch peach schnapps again. 
However, the 1st time I went the way of Whiskey? We were in love. 
People like to say all sorts of things about Brown alcohol, and even stoop to blame their foul behavior on it.
I say, Blame it on the Goose..

So naturally as part of our Derby take over last week, a trip down the bourbon trail was totally necessary. About 90 minutes after leaving Louisville, you start to see the kind of Kentucky you've imagined.  P and I drove like we were teenagers again through throughbred country. And I had to wander where it all started.  
My first bit of bourbon came from a Makers Mark bottle. My friend Matt at the time knew I was tired of drinking beer, and I wanted a new beverage  He poured me a drink and I actually liked it. ( I think it was part of a dare)
Being a whiskey girl certainly has it advantages. 
1. Ordering a drink could never be easier. There's literally no way a bartender can mess up a Jack & Coke, which has now morphed into Jack & Ginger in my world. Unless of course you get some ass that thinks you Really wanted a Rum & Coke, because You Can't be That hardcore. No, Save the coconuts for my water. I don't want it Near my whiskey.
2. Ordering a Jack & Coke almost immediately keeps the creepers at bay. Back in my dating days, when the nearest douche baggage would hear me order, it was better than a sign to say, "Don't mess with me"
So to commemorate my old Friend Matt, and to say we did it, we bought a bottle of the brown stuff. Gloves and goggles on, we gave that old bottle a dip in the red wax and sealed the deal. This self- made ( with help)  whiskey girl  had to make a trip to Makers Mark.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Glamp Girl

It started out as a joke.
Honestly it did. About 3 months ago when I started planning our Derby debut, I quickly realized, I needed to find a place to Nest first. And by the way..if your sick of Derby posts..too bad..I've got a few more to go.
So there I was calling and computing at the same time, what Courtyard at Marriott I could confirm, or what Hampton Inn would have us. $1100 would buy us a night, and we needed to book Friday and Saturday !? And the closest we could stay, was 2 hours away.
So the joke was made that I would be camping in my floopy hat.
Correction: This gal would be Glamping!
Too many people are surprised I don't mind sleeping under the stars. I can remember all the summers I camped with my grandparents. They had a big old Winnebago. My job as I sat between them was to look at the map, and pick a campground nearby we could spend the night at. I would say, " In 70 more miles we would stay in Sioux Falls"!
The thing about camping people don't understand, is you Don't have to slum it. I bring our flannel sheets and our down comforter. We still get 2 pillows a piece. And towels from for the shower are freshly sprayed with lavendar daily. Yes, this girls requires running water and flushing toliets. For those of you calling my bluff for Glamping,  I ask, " Why would you want to go in a community bowl?"
A garment rack for all our hanging goods was Essential. A floor length mirror for last minute checks of bits and (tits) was terrific. I steamed and ironed everything before we departed,  and drove it all there in a dust cover bag. Remember that blog about packing like a Rockstar?? 
Speaking of Rockstar? Just because your camping doesn't mean you have to spend the weekend drinking Coors light. This girls brings real cocktail glasses, and all the goodies, to make Old Fashionds.
So even though Camping for Derby may have started as a joke, this gal prefers the smell of campfire smoke. I hope after reading this post, this summer you'll consider getting away in your car, to go sleep under the stars. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

She's my Little Whiskey girl

Sunday after Derby day, we decided to spend a beautiful day headed down the bourbon trail. It was the perfect day and a great way to do something that would interest the boys after a day of wearing fancy clothes.
Roughly 20 minutes outside of Louisville is the Jim Beam Distillery. The drive is beautiful and there's a whole lot more of Kentucky to see. Jim Beam makes about 16 different types of bourbon and whiskey and the grounds are breathtaking.
You have the option of doing a self guided tour (yes), sign up for a tasting event(yes) or do the Actual tour, that takes you all over the grounds with a docent for 90 minutes (nope)
These people have their s*it together! The tasting  events are FREE! There is a 10 minute informational piece, where a guide tells you the differences between all the products and what Not to waste your time on tasting.
Everything  is pretty measured, so there's no over pouring. This was by far one of Petes favorite parts of the trip. And for this self- proclaimed Whiskey Girl, not a bad way to whistle the afternoon away.