Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

It was a banner day...
I had absolutely No plans of this happening.
I stopped by my local thrift shop to donate a bag.
It was a bag of clothing and sheets my Mom had in her car, from her parents house.
I knew if I didn't take them out, she would ride with them for weeks.
I truthfully tried to avoid the dress area. It's where I usually get into trouble.
Who doesn't Want to wear a dress?! And most recently I sent 19 dresses to be consigned..Yes 19!! Didn't eve make a dent in my "Dress Closet"(I know...)
Thankfully I have been gifted the ability to de-construct, re-design and sew any thing that doesn't seem to fit. Last week I bought a dress I size XL. (I know..) But the fabric was so amazing, I Had to have it. Roughly, an hour later, the lovely dress was my size.(more later on that)
I made my way from the dresses into Men's shorts, then shirts them ties Have I mentioned that P only wears a tie about 3-4 times a year?! Suddenly I am seeing 6 ties tossed over my shoulder. I needed one for Derby(more on that later), well the Buffalo check? That Had to come..The red one with the crabs? Heck Yes..At $1.50 each, even if I covered a lampshade with the silkies, I was So worth it(what a Great idea!!..) and..Do you even Know what a Vineyard Vines tie sells for?! ($89.50)
Well I digress,, and obviously made it to the dress area.
And Conveniently.. most of the dresses coordinated decadently with the designer ties.
Did I mention there are no wedding nuptials to attend in our near future?!
Someone close to me recently put it all together..
They said that when you thrift, You really Can have it All and more.
You may not realize that Hundreds of retailers donate everyday to take the tax write off, rather than continuing to mark it down. People die. People die with brand new clothes in their boudoirs.
Someone donates those dresses, and people like me buy them.
More has always been more to me.
I'll never be one of those girls with Just the Basics.
I can be a class act, and spend only cents on my outfit..You'd never know.
And if I'm being honest, that $1500 handbag, I have my eye ain't gonna buy itself, so I need to Save somewhere!
Next Tuesday, or maybe tomorrow, Go have yourself a Thrifty Tuesday! 

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