Monday, April 25, 2016

Pineapples & Passing out

Hola, and Bonjour from the depths of my bed.
If you've been missing my #OOTD's, thank you, and we hopefully will resume programming as scheduled. The past 8 days have seen me in  nothing more than pajamas, and the biggest grandpa cardigan I can find with the deepest pockets for my cache of Kleenex. 
Things I have leaned in 8 days: You can blow your nose approximately 3-4 times with 4 squares of toilet paper before it becomes completely soggen. Yeh.. I know..
So it started Sunday with a bit of a sore throat and a general feeling of tiredness.
True to form, I trampled to the local do- it -yourself center and picked up some patio furniture to enjoy the day. I felt like a low key day of sitting and putting chairs together could knock it out of my system. Never mind P had been down for the count the previous 2 days. 
Or it may have been one of the many monsters I see each week coughing up a mucus sandwich while Mommy says, " I know,, It does sound bad, doesn't it!?"!!!
So business as usual came Monday morning, and off I went.
And then proceeded to leave some 90 minutes later. 
Somehow my car managed to find it ways to urgent care. Where inside the pretty nurse is complimenting my outfit and I have to stop her and let her know she has about 2 minutes to get an i.v. into my arm before I... ohh Yup..Pass out in her chair. Thank god I wasn't naked (previous blog post from last flu round)
So off to bed for me it was for the next few days.
They call it the "super flu" and I can assure you, the only thing "super" about it, has been my ability to stay standing long enough to take these shots.
So do yourself a favor, start drinking some (pineapple) juice Now, so you can avoid passing out!

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