Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bright Orange & being Late

First things First.
I am Not late.
This is a post about time management, and showing up on time.
Just so we're Clear.
(But in my opinion, unless your planning on Being late, it's never a good thing)

I swear I Must have posted about this before...Anyone? Have I?
It's just such a Gawd awful occurrence that every one of us has had to endure.
Unless of course, You're the one that's Late. 

I once had to let a former employee Go for her inability to show up on time. Ever.
Well, maybe she showed up once or twice, On Time. And she pointed it out to me as if I was suppose to congratulate or treat her. Nope. Problem was, she kept people waiting. She kept Me waiting, and more importantly, she kept people wanting to spend money with her, Waiting.
She didn't understand How detrimental her tardiness was. She even went so far to tell me, "This is my Only place I'm Late. I'm Not late Anywhere Else". Perfect. You're biting off the hand that feeds you.. Being late for the person(s) that pay your bills? Not permissible. I went even so far as to buy her a watch, and an alarm clock. After that, I sent her off, to join the flock.

I completely understand the notion of not wanting to go somewhere. Heck, in the last 2 years of trying to figure out some funky stomach issues, I barely left the house at times. So when the t- shirt comes up For sale that Reads, "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come", it makes complete sense, but doesn't smooth over the silence that occurs when people are awaiting your presence.
When your late your essentially telling the person(s) waiting for you
I am the only one that matters here. Nope.

People will use all sorts of excuses, to explain their lateness. Traffic, lost keys, their dog has fleas, the list goes on and on. I have someone now that regularly calls when they are suppose to Start working, that they'll be running late. Because I'm aware of where their abode is, they have the audacity to leave, when they should be rolling up their sleeve(s)

So blame it on your kids, or your car, or the fact you had to travel (so) far.
When you show up late there's no one to blame, but the shame in your game.
Because I'm not playing when I say you suck at time management.
 Your presence isn't That Great, and there's
Nothing worse Than be Being Late

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