Sunday, April 10, 2016

Black dress & never looking Back

My Mom has a Life Lesson that apparently I hadn't learned until today.
Her lesson is, Once you've lived in a place, after you leave, you are to Never go Back.
You are never go back to see what has been done, or Not done. What has been kept or carted out.
You are never to see, anything less than when you left it.  
Rewind, approximately 14 hours ago.
I woke up with a address in my head. The exact address of where I used to live. Numbers have always been a very strange thing to me. Scary, when it comes to math, and shockingly accurate when I have to pick a winner. Strange fact #441: I have picked the Kentucky Derby winner almost every year, for the past 12 years when prompted.
So there I was at 5am Google searching N 5899.
And there she was...169 Days on Zillow. A "One of a kind Property".
I hadn't lived there in almost 7 years.
It wasn't just the "re-decorating" that had been done. It wasn't the fact that someone else was forcing themselves into a home I built with these very fingers. It wasn't even the overstuffed obnoxiously tacky leather couches that seemed to line every wall, that was so weird. What was most disconcerting, was the amount of Dianah that could Not be undone. Those flowers? I planted every single one of em. The red door frame that I festively trimmed and painted? Still used for the For Sale cover shot. I guess the other girl gave up, and realized, it could never be , Her Home.
 When I left my family was over the Moon.
They said I built one, I'd do it again, if not, just for fun.
And though I'm not a wine girl, I do believe, I have gotten better with age.
I'm more of a whiskey girl, not every ones cup of tea, and that's completely okay with me.
That little yellow house deserves a great girl, not a complete hack,
 but as for This girl, She's Never looking Back

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