Monday, March 21, 2016

JetSetter & Packing like a Rockstar!

If there's One thing to know about me: I can Pack like an absolute Rockstar..
Oh.. Yeah, and I don't drink water. Kind of a condrum of sorts,,Bygones.. 
And I get asked All the time, How I make it all work.
Perhaps it's the thought that someone may actually say, "You can't take 4 Fedoras on vacation"
Just watch me.  
I first lay out the things I know For Sure I want to take.
I pull the accessories, including the shoes. 
I add bathing suits, and underwear, and move to a bigger location so I can see it all at a glance. 
Speaking of At- a-Glance..This was the very 1st thing I did when I got into our room for our Honeymoon! BEST part of the trip! (I know,,ridic..Right? 
Such a #basic travel outfit.
Truth is: When someone tells me their going on a trip, the 1st thing I ask them: "What's your travel outfit?" Don't be That person in the airport. With All your junk. Keep it neat and tidy.
Full Disclosure:
I used this very roller suitcase to pack 3 outfits a day, for 4 days in Vegas!!
Including shoes!
Now back to those Fedoras..Some of you may know this, but I'm ready to Share my ancient Chinese Secret to Packing. Everyday after the 1st of the year I get told that someone Cannot possibly pack a hat. Well, I'm here to show you how to pack Several. 
Gather all you dainties and bathing suits and pack them TIGHT into your hat. This will prevent your hat from collapsing when you close your suitcase.
Now that you know My little Secret,
Maybe it's time to say Sayonara, book a trip to San Tropez, and say you packed like a Rockstar!

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