Friday, March 4, 2016

Ciao Cattle Tub

I'm used to people telling me, "That's Not going to work"
I actually cannot remember the first time someone told me that, and it stuck enough for me to think, "Of Course I Have to make it work now". It's just always been such a natural reaction.
When someone tells you some thing isn't going to work, its 99% of the time due in part that they are not able to envision what you're proposing. It's the easy answer.
99% of people have No vision. No ability to envision space, color or style, even when its smack dab in front of them. That must Really suck.
If you follow me on Instagram(*hint, you Really should. @dianahgruenke) you'll remember our #kitchenrenovation from last spring.  It was self-inflicted mostly. P and I had discussed the project, and had a Very loose timeline for completion. But like any great Leo(look it up people), once I got my mind into something, that ugly kitchen soffit was no match for my sledgehammer 
When I went to the local warehouse-y Home Improvement center, I was forced to sit down with a Quasi- kitchen Designer(these are the guys that give the Really talented people a bad name). He wanted my address, my income, my housing square footage. He wanted to convince me I should be spending 20% of my homes total value on This Kitchen. (ladies and gentlemen, please don't get swindled your next Saturday morning on this scam) When I told him my intention for the kitchen cabinets and counters,  he had his glasses on, but he was completely lacking vision. He told me it was "Never going to work"
Our kitchen turned out gorgeous and will be photographed this fall in our local design magazine!
So this spring we started our Master Suite upstairs. After 4+ years of "questionable" and not-so-quiet tenants, it was time to take over the treehouse upstairs. Remember that part about "vision"? I saw this happening the 1st time I walked this house! The next step was also self- inflicted. If you need a galley kitchen gutted,  Apparently I'm your gal..This sister has ripped down so many (useless)soffits, I'm convinced they've all gotta come down.
Turning a kitchen into a bathroom, seems easy enough. Seems.
The plumbing is all there. Sort of. Taking the kitchen sink line into 2 different vanities, and adding a middle of the floor tub, where there used to sit a table, takes time. And for this Leo, who's motivated by the "pretty" things happening Read: I.e. Instant gratification. There hasn't been too much "pretty" happening. (see below, Yikes!) And in Any renovation there is a give and take, Even with an unlimited budget. I've Always taken the most pride in my work, when someone's only had pennies to spend. After parting with more than a few pennies, and still no pretty happening, I had to ponder where I could save, and still have a spectacular(and special) Master Suite. Somewhere in my archive of idea notebooks(I've had em' since I was 7!) I saw someone getting sudsy in a tub usually found out on the farm. For a mere $75, I could have a Calgon, Take me away moment without spending a ton. Fast forward a few weeks..The voice of reason(my plumber) has made me realize, even after I empty 2 water heaters!!, there wouldn't be enough water in my way too- big- tub, to cover my,,ehhmm,, "Lady Parts". Fantastic. Back to my bathtub conundrum..
  So this week, I conceded. I confirmed that my old cattle tub wasn't going to work.
No amount of vision, or fiberglass, or filler was going to make my 125 gallon tub, into a more fillable 55 gallon option. I had to join the herd and get an actual Tub.
There's no Jacuzzi(just Gross) and there's no rim for rose petals and candles(Even Grosser!) You can save your satin robes and any other "unmentionables" for those skanky hotels.
She's just a pretty little slipper tub, likely just looking to bathe one beauty(and I'm Totally okay with That!) This is the time I had to realize that maybe My idea wasn't going to work. 
I had to say Ciao to that cattle tub, and Hello to more suitable basin to launder my "ladyparts".
Progress to follow!

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