Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stars, Stripes, & Spliting the Dinner bill

Warning: This is a very #whitegirlproblems post,
so if you've got a problem with That, well then this little blog Really isn't you're cup of tea.
Why do I feel like I consistently need a disclaimer on the start of many of these?
Isn't That the exact reason I started this little blog??,, onward..

Last weekend P and I returned back to our wedding reception restaurant for Valentine's Dinner, and I got the screw job. Shelling out pesos for pasta, or fishing for Franc's for a fish dinner is Not an Aduting activity I agree with. I would much rather, buy groceries, spend the time preparing the meal, and know exactly what has happened to my food and where it has come from. Food is one of the biggest things we fight over.,,Towels are the other..(separate blog post)

I know in a past life I was spoiled. I never, ever had to open my purse to pay for a meal. And to me that was quite perfect. His view was, I consumed less than half of what he did, and almost all time, he took my leftovers. It was a perfect arrangement.
P however, will spend his last dollar on Chinese dumplings. He will order out 5 nights out of seven, if I don't intervene. And the other two will have him eating Hamburger Helper. If potatoes are on the side and he has to choose a vegetable, Corn it'll be. (corn is not a vegetable P) 
Last weekend, we had a wonderful and pricy meal.
We ordered dessert to take home, and got ready to handle the bill.
Out of courtesy, if nothing else, I calmly looked at the total before he offered to buy it all.
In the effort to keep things simple for our waiflike waitress, P asks her to split the our services.
That's' where the screw job starts.
P has 4 drinks, 1 appetizer, 1 entrée and 1 dessert.
I had 1 drink, 1 appetizer, and 1 dessert.
And she splits the total,,, in half!!!!!

So it may be some time, before this suburban couple heads out for supper. This senorita may need to save a few more cents, prior to slinging back a few sliders.
But one things for sure, if P has the steak dinner and I do the Tuna tartare, Your dang sure I'll be seeing stars if I have to split That service again!

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