Thursday, February 4, 2016

Saying I Love You

In the month of February, there are 2 types of people.
1.People who Actually Say Feb-Ru-Ary.
2.Idioys that say, Feb-bu-ary.
There are also people that will wish you a "Happy Valentine's Day",
and then there are the people that say,
"Happy VALENTIMES Day"...universally irritating. How is this even still a Thing? 
There are also people that:
1. Celebrate Valentine's Day 
2. Do Nothing.
What's Not to love?!
Pink, Glitter, Cinnamon bears, strange quotational chalky Pepto Bismol candy?
Who doesn't like something to decorate for and celebrate in the dol-drums of winter. 
While the snow is still flying, and in the middle of too many nights of frozen pizzas, getting out for a night is nothing less than liberating.
As if I needed another excuse to buy a new dress?
P has always been great about giving in and going out for the grand occasion. One year while we were dating and couldn't be together, he had a great big box sent to the house from Michael Tucci,(Look it up people), I was Tickled.
So this year, put up some paper hearts, and throw away that frozen pizza.
Slither into a great dress, and take your dude out for a steak, or something.
Say yes to buying the cinnamon hearts, and Saying,
I Love you. 

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