Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, Facebook, & Fanabelers

Round the water cooler today, the topic swirled around Who snapped what, who Posted what, and who Insta'd what. And we all come to the same consensus. We Always talk about wanting to get off the social media. 
Ok, at the very least Facebook. 
You all May think I sit in a dark basement and am a miserable troll typing away for this blog.  Truth is: I just write about what everyone else is doing. And the best compliment I've ever recieved:" You say, what everyone else is thinking", or "Diana, when your not in a room, it's like the lights are off". Take That trolls.

My Best friend flew the coop over a year ago. If you ask her, it was the best things she did for her mental health and Time Management. 
She will recommend Step #1: Take the app off your mobile device.
Facebook is like those shiney magazines, sitting at the supermarket checkout. Selling promises of burning off belly fat, or spying on the latest celebrity couples. You try and look away and not finger through the fancy pages, but you break down and kill some boredom with it.
I would like to take credit, where credit is due. That's right.
About a year ago I coined the term "Fanabelers".
Allow me to explain. Now that we are in the day and age (speaking of age) where your parents and grandparents (thank God not mine) are the present posters. They are also the biggest bunch of Fanabelers. 
"Facebook Enabelers"
Facebook Enabelers are people that enable unnecessary comments, continue to compliment in a disingenuine manner, and generally just need to Stop. 
These comments include but are not limited to:
"Most Beutiful bride EVER!!!!"
"You two were MADE for each other!!!"
"Cutest BABY OF all Time!!!"...all at some point ending in , "You Should MODEL!!!"
Are you getting the theme of Caps and exclamation points? (They really wanted you to know they meant it) ..wait...didn't you Just say That to me last week??
For now, I can't quit Facebook. It gives me too much dang gone good material.
Affectionately referred to as Facewhore.. I've taken my own steps to back off and become less irritated with the beast. I have un- subscribed from about 75%of status updates from my "Friend Pool". 

So this Friday night, I wish you an evening full of fish frys, a check -in chock full of drink pics, and hopefully a night free of fake fuzzy Fanabeling fodder.

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