Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blue Stripes & the lifespan of a Blogger

It has come to my attention since starting this little blog 2 1/2 years ago, I'm becoming a bit of an enigma,"Wrapped in a riddle, and Cash"..Congratulations, 1 of you will see the humor in That.
But for Reals, an enigma, in the Blogger world.  

To clearly understand what that all means, I am a blogger that for the most part has skimmed away from all the normal clichés and (I consider) downfalls of blogging. I continue to say what I mean, and mean what I say. Just with a few more clarifications at the beginning. And let me be clear, I have had to part ways with a few in this process, maybe that just weren't ready for realism.
I don't have any huge hundred dollar sponsors, and you wont see me drinking any shakes, in the process to slim down.
I started this blog as a way to share the Super common, sometimes cruel things we All have to endure at some point , or another, and make some snarky comments on the side. And it's because it's a "Lifestyle Blog"(shutter...) here and there I will pepper in some points about my own life and times.
I've done my due diligence to share(what I think is) just enough to keep you interested, and in stitches.
I follow just a handful of other bloggers. Truth is, usually once I've found one I really think is the bee's knees, the honey has all but disappeared. Some are strictly style bloggers and some just post pretty pictures. The few fellow snarksters, are slim to none. And the ones that actually wear their Own clothes are all but done.

Thus The Blogger Lifespan:
1.Girl starts blog and posts 4-6 times a week, sometimes with witty commentary, usually accompanied by LOTS of pictures of her starting at something Intently on the ground?
2. Bloggers continues to blog, less consistently. Blogs are centered around her holding coffee in bed, usually from the knee down, with appropriately fashionable knee socks.
3.Girl meets boy and now blogs about everything boy and girl cute.  Girl starts Pinterest board for wedding and we all start to wonder When will It happen?! (sarc.) Blogger engagement finally happens and now blog is centered around Everything wedding this and wedding That, Followed by lots and lots of posts about Finding The One, My Life partner, wedding photos with blurry backgrounds, and close ups of Badgley Mischka shoes.
4. Boy and girl are expecting a baby and blogging becomes less of a priority(sooooooooo busyyyy)
Pictures of pretty pink and grey guest suited turned nursery's, are posts of the week. Fashion makes a Very brief comeback of #stylingthebump, only too soon to be booted out by #blessed, and bulbous tummies with hands twisted in hearts across them. (are you gagging yet?)
5. Blogger succumbs to wearing flimsy jersey tee's and even flimsier gold delicate jewelry. Blogger loses the layering, and the Louboutins. Blogger is tired and only has time for blogger posts that pay.Blogger sponsored posts from Maclaren, and nuna make the news.
Blogger stops blogging.
(and you thought You were an enigma)
My lifespan of a Blogger most certainly has Not followed this trail, and maybe sometimes I write things that make you wanna grab a pail.  But I always have chosen to take the path less traveled, and blog about things that make you come unraveled!
<3 D


  1. Lol! Erika Jayne! Don't ever stop I think you have the blog timeline progression down to a science!