Friday, January 1, 2016

Pardon my French & the $5 budget

It's clear, I spend money. 
And according  to Some people, I spend money foolishly, or on things that are un-necessary. As If it's Any one else's  G.D. business.
Yes, unless I'm Spending Your money, you don't have nothing but a spoon at a knife fight in this discussion.
Now that we're in the New Year and your all starting to make your manifestos, and workout plans, and commitments, I thought the time was ripe to talk about the $5 budget. 
"What's  the $5budget?" Well I'm about to tell ya.
Years ago, I ran out of money. I wasn't deep in credit debit, true story I now still Only have 1 credit card with Under a $1,000 limit...I know.right? HOW do I function????? 
I was working and making roughly 40-45k a year. Not the most I've made, not the least. I was traveling every week and got reimbursed for gas ,food, and lodging. Trouble was, I put ALL the money out for the travel,  and didn't see it back for about 8 weeks...right?? So I was fronting several hundred dollars a week. No company credit card, no expense account. So the weekend would come and I would be completely broke. To the point that I had overdrafted those several hundred dollars out of my own checking account.
So my ex put me on the $5budget. And truth be told, it was one of the best things that's happened to me. Travel or no travel. 40G's, or less, or more. Spending freely or no spending.
The Rules:
1.Fill your vehicle with gas at the beginning of the week.
2.Grocery shop and make your lunches to take to work, or plan to carry dinner leftovers.
3. You have $5, Just $5 a day to spend on Anything. Coffee, bakery, Beer. Target $1 spot. What ever. If you do Not spend the $5 it doesn't roll over to the next day giving you $10. You just have $5

And I bet you can guess what happened.
After just 2 weeks, I had almost saved $500. 
Read that again. $500.
Keep in mind, I wasn't spending $100 at a time. It was $27 here, a $12 lunch there. And once I dicontinued that unnecessary spending,I had a cool kitty to spend (or save) on something Really great.

So in my best Suze Orman moment, I give you this when your making your Manifesto, this New Year. I still spend money, hell I buy $25 hair powder. But every once in awhile, I pull my (Louis Vuitton) purse stings in and put myself on the $5 budget

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