Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jean Jacket & the Jersey Juxtaposition

For as long as I could remember, I always thought I'd reside in the city.
A city. Any city. In the city. How exactly does a 6-7 year old decide that warehouse living may be her world? Well, this 2nd grade girl also called Colonel Sanders, Colonial Sanders for years. 
I romanced the idea of riding in a huge freight elevator, and maybe having a Fiat ride up with me. I didn't give a second thought to having green space or spending any time landscaping. I had this mindset, the majority of my life. Had. 
And somewhere, there's still a Pinterest board for That pad.
I had the opportunity to spend some time in the City last week. I went through my initial anxiety about navigating, and driving, and parking, and working in a new location. Totally par for the course for this Leo. #dontchangemyroutine. But once I got there, and realized there was nothing to get my feathers ruffled over, this bird started to reflect.
There are certainly wonderful things to be said about the City. The accessibility, the opportunity, the options for food alone, and my favorite part: the neighborhoods. I could have taken a picture of every brownstone I saw. One after one, they got better and better. And the dogs!! Ohh the dogs I saw on their morning walks, always makes me happy. However, one remaining question, was on my mind.
"How do you cart all your stuff around?"
Yes, for this self -professed Picker, I wondered for real, how I would get all my Flea Market finds, back home on the Blue line. How my Target haul would make it into the house, and how private Annie's 3am potty breaks would be.
And there was Something else,,
Everywhere I looked, everyone as doing the same thing. Here in the City, where diversity should be the main game, everywhere I looked, I saw more of the same. The same jacket, the same computer, the same hustle. How did a place with, so many possibilities, make things look positively plain?
Maybe I need a tour guide next time, maybe I need to nose around more. Because everything I saw, and experienced, was almost quite a bore. For now, this pigeon is okay with a bit more peace and quiet in her life. The 3am pajama potty breaks will hopefully come to an end with Annie and her little friend(Buster). I'll take my suburban shack with a side of style and space.
Because for now, I'm right at home in this up north Place. 

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