Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dish Diaries

"Has anyone ever gotten Divorced over dishes?"
It was a text I sent my Mom earlier this summer that I will never send again.
Apparently I didn't inherit my dry humor from her.
There she was at a luncheon, eating some cute little sandwiches, only to rapid fire call me 7 or 8 times. I guess it didn't make her feel any better in my stash was something for her.
I don't know exactly when I decided to start collecting these dishes, in their haphazard way. There was 2 there, 4 over here and sometimes a stack that makes it into my pack. I guess I've just always thought the regular everyday things you have in your life should be extraordinary. Why not eat, macaroni and cheese, on a plate with golden leaves?
I moved dishes for Years.
I unboxed them and displayed them to sell. I've broken some ironstone, and cursed them to hell. I stacked them high and watched them fly(1-2 people will get that) And I've laughed at the notion of preferring to buy dishes over cleaning them. But these beauties are different. And Dare I admit it, I feel like I'm saving them!
Even if all they do is stand at attention and look pretty, it was completely worth collecting these from all over the city. Side note: Every night I have to ask P Exactly when he is ready to eat. At That moment, I have to plate the meal and serve immediately. Otherwise, he'll try to put the pretties into the microwave!
So weather your dining on Dim Sum, or ravenous about your Ramen, why wouldn't you want to eat on something extra special? Un pack your China, and Nosh on your newlywed dishes. This year, Make every night more delicious, and diary worthy. 

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