Friday, January 8, 2016

Blue Dress & that Broke friend

That Broke Friend.
You're lying to yourself if you think you don't have one.
And you should know by now over here on Coffee, we call em' as we see em'.
Maybe it was the holidays, but we recently started talking about these people round' the water cooler lately. Maybe it was the gift giving, or the lack of receiving, that people were ready to dish on this.
It was under resounding agreement, that if you are well into your 30's, and still talking about How broke you are, or just haven't "gotten it together" yet. well then, I'm not entirely sure you will. And before you send me all sorts of hard- knocks hate mail, I will divulge This:
At one time I left my home, in a U- haul never to look back.
I've eaten generic macaroni and cheese. And I've been down on my knees. Then you know what?
I got my shit together.
Allow me to explain the brackets off your(potential) broke friends.

1. The guy who drink $8 micro brews but then realizes he's forgotten his debit card at the last bar. "I'll get cha next time".
 This guy complains about How broke he is, but he's Always busy working on "The Next big deal". And the entire time your thinking..Didn't your Last "Big Deal" pan out that well? You Just end up paying because you want him to shut the F*ck up. (sorry teenage readers)

2. The girl that comes out with your squad, and Conveniently when it's her turn to buy a round is talking to the Dj at the turn table, or in the bathroom?
I know this girl too well. I actually had 2 of them at my bachelorette party complaining about how much they needed to kick in for our hotel room. Complaining about what you have to kick in for wedding festivities is a Whole nother' blog post.. 

3. The girl, or guy, that comes to the ball tailgate and brings a bag of chips...Freakin' Chips.
Yes, now that I've hauled my grill, my charcoal, my cooler. My team supportive table cloth,  my fruit salad, perfectly cut from Pinterest, my team color coordinated iced cupcakes, and my signature drinks. There You come with those greasy ripped chips.
Side note: I have also attending a tailgate, where the party thrower was asking people who, Stopped by? To Actually throw down some cash for those chips or dip!? ...the nerve...the tack factor..   

So weather these friends are just your drinkin' buddies, or those you've known a lifetime, set them straight this year and ask them to chip in a beer(or 4). Because no body wants to hear about the next big deal when you're broke, because we know it'll likely all go up in smoke.

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