Thursday, January 14, 2016

4 ways to Pimp your Puffer

Hello and Welcome from the confines of All my coats this week!
As much as I Love winter, and don't mind all the ,,ehhmm,, Extra circulars of keeping warm, this weeks cold snap has been the hurty cold. 
The freeze the inside of your nose cold. The dogs don't even wanna walk cold.
And it came to my attention once again, how simply similar we are as individuals.
All because of a coat. 
It seems like a dang rite- of- passage .
Around the age of 17-21 every girl gets "the Coat"(see below)
The ubiquitous Black Bomber. Worn by every freshman and housewife East of the Mississippi. And its almost downright shameful to say I own one myself. Sometimes I consider, if there is another life form out there, perusing our Facebook(gawwwd), and looking down at us, how downright dumb we look. All of us scuffling around like drones way past December. 
And So I give you,,
4 Ways to Pimp your Puffer: 
1. Don't buy Black
I know,,I know,, I have one. And this was a gift, and believe me,, I've tried to get rid of it. Note to all 17 year old girls and their Mom's: This coat is the LEAST warmest of my puffers. It's like wearing a spring jacket. It sucks. Black is Not flattering on about 99% of people. It's too harsh against skin tones, and especially in winter, its un- forgiving. There's usually more salt on this jacket, than on the rim of the last margarita I had. #truestory
2. Buy more than 1 jacket.
Girls gotta have options, right?? A short one, a dressy one, one for chopping wood, and one if you have to change a wheel. It's simply tragic to me when I see a gal all dressed up and she throws her threadbare winter coat over her trapeze dress...yikes. Also, Can you imagine wearing the Same coat for 6 months?,,I literally #cannoteven
3. Personalize it.
I cannot even think of how many co-eds have walked off with another chics coat. Or had one stolen from a house party. 
4. Have Accessories!!! 
Maybe I have ADD, or maybe I need change in my life constantly. But the thought of wearing the same coat, same hat, same gloves, and same boots, makes me break out in a sweat. How positively boring. So in the spirit of "cleansing" and "living with less" I just donated an entire shopping bag of matching hats and gloves to one very happy little girl! #inventorycontrol
So, sew on some fur, change some snaps into bows, where your creativity, will take you, no one knows! Ask yourself, "Could I go somewhere in this and look completely put together? Could I Actually have pajamas on underneath? Because we've got a bit of winter here to go, and why go out if its not for show! Have some actual fun with your winter wardrobe this year, and I'll know my work here is Done!

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