Thursday, January 28, 2016

Renovations & Relationships

In the beginning, I used to think that the True test of a relationship was to take a Road Trip with someone. Sounds like a Great idea?! Right?! There will be snacks, and Crunch-N-Munch, and cool truck stops to buy shot glasses and rubber snakes at. Then, about 4.5 hours in, you realize you've got at least 12 more hours to go, and your pet rabbit may not be the happiest playing passenger. (true story) As someone who has taken Many a road trip- (and still regularly drives 4-5 hours with their significant other), Ohh How I have been Humbled.
I don't remember my parents partaking in any significant home projects. My Dad refinished the kitchen cabinets, but I was too young to remember. But when all 3 girls were old enough to be out of the house, they decided to do Extreme Home Makeover and double the square footage And add a bathroom. Yes, after all 3 girls are gone, Then you add a bathroom... Have I mentioned I never got ready in an actual bathroom until I moved out? Bygones..
I built my own home by the time I was 26. 
On nights and weekends, there we were. Till sometimes midnight, and all weekend till Monday. It took 8 months, and my relationship only endured 1 fight the entire time. Yes, I was roofing in March, snow flying, on a 10/12 pitch, and came away unscathed. And the fight that Did happen? Less than 3 weeks before we moved in, all because I was
But as of recently, I have started to believe that a renovation can be a biggest test of any relationship. More so than a Ranger ride from Boise to Baltimore.
A renovation not only disturbs your daily routine, but it veers its ugly unfinished head in the space where you're suppose to be simply at peace.
A renovation constantly brings up the budget, and two people from different backgrounds will always differ on their desire to spend dollars.
And for Me personally, a renovation will arise a difference in ideas and opinion's about what's best. Tell me I'm too blunt, or tell me I may be mean, but don't validate my ideas, That, That will send me over the edge.
I was Really good at projects with my ex. We had even spoke about starting a property management company and buying a 2nd home. We both compromised where we had to and always had the betterment of the project in mind. We came in under budget, and always got the best result. However, We were Not good at our relationship.
Excuse the reflection, I've had 2 days and many hours to marinade about This very topic stripping the dresser in the above photo.
I could Never work with P.
I don't even understand how some spouses can spend the day together. I need a break, he needs a break. And him and I have a COMPLETELY different work style. (you see All caps? I really meant that). He's more of a: Drink Coffee, have a skillet breakfast, attend a few "bathroom meetings", then eventually show up on the job site. I'm a bit more Balls to the walls. Sorry folks. When I first met him I actually hired him to finish working on a house I was renovating. We didn't work at all on it together.
But none the less, I didn't get in this relationship for a work partner.
 P isn't one of my employees, nor am I his. We survived a full kitchen renovation last year- picture having plywood countertops for 9 weeks! I'm sure we'll survive another project (upstairs). At least on this one, (for now) we can shut the door and have some relief from our renovation, for the sake of our relationship...
More to come!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jean Jacket & the Jersey Juxtaposition

For as long as I could remember, I always thought I'd reside in the city.
A city. Any city. In the city. How exactly does a 6-7 year old decide that warehouse living may be her world? Well, this 2nd grade girl also called Colonel Sanders, Colonial Sanders for years. 
I romanced the idea of riding in a huge freight elevator, and maybe having a Fiat ride up with me. I didn't give a second thought to having green space or spending any time landscaping. I had this mindset, the majority of my life. Had. 
And somewhere, there's still a Pinterest board for That pad.
I had the opportunity to spend some time in the City last week. I went through my initial anxiety about navigating, and driving, and parking, and working in a new location. Totally par for the course for this Leo. #dontchangemyroutine. But once I got there, and realized there was nothing to get my feathers ruffled over, this bird started to reflect.
There are certainly wonderful things to be said about the City. The accessibility, the opportunity, the options for food alone, and my favorite part: the neighborhoods. I could have taken a picture of every brownstone I saw. One after one, they got better and better. And the dogs!! Ohh the dogs I saw on their morning walks, always makes me happy. However, one remaining question, was on my mind.
"How do you cart all your stuff around?"
Yes, for this self -professed Picker, I wondered for real, how I would get all my Flea Market finds, back home on the Blue line. How my Target haul would make it into the house, and how private Annie's 3am potty breaks would be.
And there was Something else,,
Everywhere I looked, everyone as doing the same thing. Here in the City, where diversity should be the main game, everywhere I looked, I saw more of the same. The same jacket, the same computer, the same hustle. How did a place with, so many possibilities, make things look positively plain?
Maybe I need a tour guide next time, maybe I need to nose around more. Because everything I saw, and experienced, was almost quite a bore. For now, this pigeon is okay with a bit more peace and quiet in her life. The 3am pajama potty breaks will hopefully come to an end with Annie and her little friend(Buster). I'll take my suburban shack with a side of style and space.
Because for now, I'm right at home in this up north Place. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stripes, seeing God & Selling Supplements

* All opinions on this topic are of that of the writer and the writer alone.
**You(the reader) have the right to stop reading and discontinue visiting this blog at any time.

...Now that we got That over with.

It has been said, and hashtagged more times than I care to count: Adulting is hard. 
Or, "I can't even adult today" 
Well I have found in all of my Adulthood, that the hardest part about adultting, isn't paying the property taxes(how many purses could I have bought??!), pretending that I have it all together, or even giving up my partying past.
The hardest part? = Dealing with Other "Adults"

I think that when it starts, is losing that 1st great job after College. Or maybe you never even got that great job after college. Maybe you're still trying to find it in a feverish hustle. Or maybe you're mid- life, and you've had the kids and you look over at the husband and think. "I don't even Like you". There is a resounding need in most humans to be part of a bigger group, #safetyinnumbers. Or to identify with people of a common interest. And when you're out there alone, there may be a bit of a mid- life(crisis) that develops. I Get it I've been there..(another topic entirely)

Strangely as common as we all are, when the chips are down, everyone manages to Find Christ.
Was he ever lost?
And Heather, Christy, and Tommy All want to talk about it. Out come the inspirational quotes, and sunset photographs. They want to "Say Prayers", and talk about how #blessed, and what good people they are. Of course! Why would this not be a great community?! And then it starts,,, the selling, the telling, and the Sharing of what ever venture they're now vested in.
Look at all these potential New customers! Picture "those" people that start visiting a house of faith, just because there's juveniles now in their life
As adults, you want to belong and Share and have everyone Think what you're doing is a Means to an End. Or the greatest thing ever. Or will put everyone on a path to greatness. (are you following me??) And then to no one in  particulars fault, it becomes almost an occult.
Be it a workout, or a protein drink, or an insurance policy, you as people are pawns in this game of Lose, Win, or Draw. And why would you say No? You have all "found God". You have that common bond, and How could you say No?
(You can see this in every form, every day on every shingle of social media)
I'm not sure about you, but I don't need a side of Supplements with my Sunday Services.
What ever higher power has been, and continues to be in my life, is there quietly and without coercion. The protein powder, and powerlifting class will go on without my pink sneakers in participant. And for the love of God, can you keep Anything private, including toning That bod.
Let the faith in your family stay in good taste.
Please don't feel the need to sell and tell, everyone around you, about the business your In. 
This Sunday, I don't know if I'll see God in my Abercrombie & Fitch, but hopefully I won't be seeing any of your Pitch.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

4 ways to Pimp your Puffer

Hello and Welcome from the confines of All my coats this week!
As much as I Love winter, and don't mind all the ,,ehhmm,, Extra circulars of keeping warm, this weeks cold snap has been the hurty cold. 
The freeze the inside of your nose cold. The dogs don't even wanna walk cold.
And it came to my attention once again, how simply similar we are as individuals.
All because of a coat. 
It seems like a dang rite- of- passage .
Around the age of 17-21 every girl gets "the Coat"(see below)
The ubiquitous Black Bomber. Worn by every freshman and housewife East of the Mississippi. And its almost downright shameful to say I own one myself. Sometimes I consider, if there is another life form out there, perusing our Facebook(gawwwd), and looking down at us, how downright dumb we look. All of us scuffling around like drones way past December. 
And So I give you,,
4 Ways to Pimp your Puffer: 
1. Don't buy Black
I know,,I know,, I have one. And this was a gift, and believe me,, I've tried to get rid of it. Note to all 17 year old girls and their Mom's: This coat is the LEAST warmest of my puffers. It's like wearing a spring jacket. It sucks. Black is Not flattering on about 99% of people. It's too harsh against skin tones, and especially in winter, its un- forgiving. There's usually more salt on this jacket, than on the rim of the last margarita I had. #truestory
2. Buy more than 1 jacket.
Girls gotta have options, right?? A short one, a dressy one, one for chopping wood, and one if you have to change a wheel. It's simply tragic to me when I see a gal all dressed up and she throws her threadbare winter coat over her trapeze dress...yikes. Also, Can you imagine wearing the Same coat for 6 months?,,I literally #cannoteven
3. Personalize it.
I cannot even think of how many co-eds have walked off with another chics coat. Or had one stolen from a house party. 
4. Have Accessories!!! 
Maybe I have ADD, or maybe I need change in my life constantly. But the thought of wearing the same coat, same hat, same gloves, and same boots, makes me break out in a sweat. How positively boring. So in the spirit of "cleansing" and "living with less" I just donated an entire shopping bag of matching hats and gloves to one very happy little girl! #inventorycontrol
So, sew on some fur, change some snaps into bows, where your creativity, will take you, no one knows! Ask yourself, "Could I go somewhere in this and look completely put together? Could I Actually have pajamas on underneath? Because we've got a bit of winter here to go, and why go out if its not for show! Have some actual fun with your winter wardrobe this year, and I'll know my work here is Done!