Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ugly Sweater & your Holiday PSA

Didn't I Just do one of these posts? 
If you're reading this, thank you.
And if you're reading this and are completely unaware of what I type of: You're Guilty.
Or perhaps, if you're reading this and think aloud, WHO does That? I guarantee you are related to, or know someone who has done, asked, or assumed any and all of these.
1. Picking your child up early from school due to sickness is NOT a reason to take your mini he/she to run errands with you the rest of the day.
You literally make ME sick. For the majority of last week, I felt like I had a 15lb sick caterpillar eating it's way out of my body. Aside from my "normal" digestive track trepidations, This was different. And it also took 5 days and releasing said 15lb beast from my bowels(sorry folks). Come to find out on the nightly news, an entire grade school, less than 2 miles from work, closed this week due to a "nasty Stomach virus"...HHHmmfff....
2. "Do you have any more of these in ,,,The Back??"
As said perfectly by one of my BFF's this week, "The only thing I have in the back is associates complaining about customers." I added to that today by saying, I only have associates checking their Snapchats, Instagram, Facebook, ect... Let me enlighten you. Christmas comes Every 365. No changing that. It's your fault you waited till the last 2 weekends, and By the way,,, its every retail workers job this year to take as much as humanly possible outta that stockroom. It's Not Pandoras closet you know. And furthermore, those items on "Celebrity Gift Lists", those were gone weeks ago.
3. No, the Chip Reader does Not work
This holiday the suits at VeriFone decided to get together with all the banks and make some guaranteed cold cash and produce shiny new credit cards. They convinced consumers that the new cards would give them additional credit protection against fraud. Read: Scare tactic. Therefore ALL retailers needed the new pin pads and credit card scanners. Read: Huge work contracts for VeriFone and installers Nationwide. Fast forward 1 week after installation. I have 3 registers, Declining every single Credit card / Debit card transaction, including refunds?!
So the suits at VeriFone turned off the chip reader due to "technical difficulties", and here we sit. And complain, and whine. Do I Look like I have the answers as to why? Did you see my hat? "Ohh your chip reader isn't working?" No, it's not. Is this a problem? Do you no longer wish to proceed. And please, spare me the lecture about Why we "Need" these new cards. I just need you to get out of my face, preferable in record speed.
And this is why we call it,
The Most Wonderful Time of  The Year"

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