Friday, December 18, 2015

That's a Wrap!

Make no mistake about it, I love to wrap.
In a former house I had a full wrap station, that I would stock year- round with colorful tissue and polka-dot ribbon. I would add to my stash, through weekly dashes to Target, and the Dollar store, at the end of a season. One year for St. Nick my Mom filled my entire socking with decorative edged scissors!  I still have all 15-20 of them!
Those scissors, were more than just a craft store score, they were a gentle reminder of how it all started. After I finished kindergarten, at the ripe age of 4(early bloomer? or just an August birthday) it was determined that I may not be ready for 1st grade, due to a deficiency in my motor skills. There was talk of holding me back a year, because my little fingers could not operate a scissors. Well those scissors were no match for my Mother. That summer I spent hours each day cutting out paper dolls, circles, snowflakes, and any thing else that would efficiently work those fingers. I was passed into 1st grade. Fast forward to 2nd grade. There was a "cutting competition" of sorts. My class was divided up by rows of desks. What ever student cut the most shapes out of the bright construction paper, won. (can't remember the prize). One by one after our given time, each desk mate, dutifully counted their cuttings. I had won!!! When most kids counted aloud, and announced "6", or "8" or maybe "11". I sheepishly said, "23". I had won by a landside.
But as much as I enjoy wrapping, its the giving I Really enjoy!
I know, I know, it sounds Super Cheesy. But there's nothing like finding something for someone that completely speaks of them. In my next life I would Love to be a personal shopper. To do that Full time for someone and take the stress out of their life doing something I love!!? Amazing. Many of my friends say, I give too much, and the receiving isn't reciprocated. But I give without the intention of receipt.   
And during the busiest time of the year, and sometimes when you feel like having No Cheer, think about how it feels to open a box. A box that was wrapped specifically for you, when there are so many things left to do! This year, skip the shopping bag, and find a counter to spread out your goodies. Get your ribbon ready and your bows beautiful. I guarantee in no time at all you'll be done in a snap, and able to Joyfully say,
"That's a Wrap"! 

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