Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas, & those Cards

It's That time of year.
And also yes, the most wonderful time of year.
That time of year when your mailbox starts to max out with colored envelopes, and Christmas cheer.
I absolutely love getting and sending mail. I recently purchased an old writing desk, complete with all the cubbies for monogrammed stationary and stamps to fill in.
Because I already converse regularly with the ones I am closest to, receiving Christmas cards from people I don't, can be downright awkward. 
You know what I'm talking about.
The card that comes in the mail and you have to ask, "Who are these people?" 
People that feel compelled to send you a card, once a year, but never call to hang out for a beer.
And thankfully(sarc.) there's Always one person in the family, in charge of keeping the "spreadsheet"
of Who's- he- whats-she's Birthday, Anniversary, and of course address.
I don't know about you, but if I have to ask, who you are, and you live somewhere far, you won't be getting my card for your jar.
So the photo cards come a rollin' in.
Everyone's so coordinated and neat as a Pin(terest page) Babes on the beach in their Chinos and Chambray. Fall in the leaves and the scarves in the way. Let the cropping out of any family crisis commence! But to me, do you know what lacks so much sense? 
Where did my friends go?!
They have literally disappeared and all I get now is pictures of their pint sized preemies!
Family photos to me mean one thing: The whole Family should be in them.
And according to my BFF, once people have children, they no longer what their photos taken because they're too fat. (now you know why we're friends).
Fat or not, before I see pictures of your adorable(sarc. again) tot, it's you that I miss!
Does it all really all end after the wedded bliss? This Christmas climb in the car and take pictures of who you Really are! Keep the cropping to the teenagers and their summer tanks. Keep the camera rolling at carpool, and see what happens when you pick up from school.
Be a fool and live in the moment with your Minions.
Eat popsicles, and get dirty. Who cares, we're all over 30! 
Leave the velveteen dresses and matching headbands, to the dolls in boxes. Its You I want to see, in the woods with maybe some foxes!
Perfectly posed pictures without you in them, only makes me wish I'd see you more, and when!
So this Christmas, get in the game, and on the card, and I bet you'll see, it wasn't really That hard.

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