Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A White Christmas & your Complaining

I'm not quite sure when I started reading and referencing the Farmers Almanac.
But year after year, I find it mildly entertaining to take note and see if El Nino follows.  
I've lived in the Midwest for most of my life. And if there's one thing consistent, the weather will always be in- consistent, and people will be Clique-y. That's an entirely different blog post though.
The time I spent out West was spent trying to wean myself from missing the change of seasons. I arrived at the end of summer and watched the snow creep down the mountain. There were no obvious signs from the Oaks and the Maples moved on quite quickly. And just like That it was Winter.
I love Winter. I love Summer. I enjoy Spring. And every Fall, I once again feel fortunate to live in a place with 4 seasons. I choose to live here. I decided to come back here. You make that choice every day also. Think I'm wrong? Have to stay for your job? You're replaceable. Have to stay for family? You can get on a flight everyday. So during a record warm winter(so far) I have been listening, and of course marinating on the things I hear daily. 
"Ohh this weather, I'm jut not in the Spirit"
"I don't even feel like shopping with no snow" 
"It doesn't even Feel like Christmas"
I've spent a few snow- less Christmas Eve's waiting for Santa. I've also spent my share of this season shoveling the sidewalk. I am grateful for both. What bothers me most is the complaining about the climate no matter what is flying around. I understand it's easy conversation and it's what keeps us connected. However, if your using the lack of snow to make yourself feel better about falling behind on your holiday shopping, sounds like it's time to hire a new henchman. 
This year I'm hoping for a White Christmas too, but could also use less of your Complaining.
Viva Summer 2016!!

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