Monday, November 16, 2015

Into the Wild

Roughly 20 or so years ago I randomly picked up a book at a very small quasi-Friends bookstore.
Little did I know, I would spend the next 20 years, thinking and mourning That very same book, or rather the person that book was about. I love biographies, non- fiction, against-all-odds stories of human upheaval. Unfortunately, This was not one of those stories.
You may have heard of the movie, or hopefully have heard pieces of the amazing soundtrack that was composed for it. But if you've never read the story, you may be missing some key pieces about the person involved. Common place for cinematography adaptation. 
Into the Wild was a story about a man that wanted to experience life and not be bound by earnings, offices, or other traditional life plans. Although he had followed that route thus far and had attended college and recently graduated. Following graduation, the journey takes him across must of the West and chronicles a series of odd job and journal entries quoting Thoreau. He some how hitchhiked his way up to Alaska and made the decision to spend the summer there.
The story of how and why he went to Alaska has been part of great debate.
Some romanticize his "Throw caution to the wind and live off the land" lifestyle. The other portion, go on about all his poor choices, and complete lack of planning. This man was intelligent and ideological, but didn't have the mind to bring a map, any winter gear, or a game plan of getting out. There's even been a more recent theory, that given his family history, this man going to Alaska was an attempt, and eventually ended in a suicide. I've had many a friend humbled at the horrific ways the West can show you how Really small you are, and luckily, they've all made it out Alive.
After 20 years, I need to stop thinking about it and Accept, it happened.
This was some ones brother, and some ones son. And losing some one to(basically)starvation, is not at all what should ever happen. But this was an adult, that was capable of making adult decisions. And he didn't choose to consider the conditions. He some what laughed at the logistics of the terrain and though Thoreau could get him through. 
 I have to realize that's what's haunted me is the thought of dying alone. The carnal common nature for us all to want our Mothers when we're fragile is fine. The need to call out to someone when you're not you're strongest is simply okay.
 And Into the Wild or not, I'm not going this one Alone. 

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  1. I haven't read the book. But did watch the movie. Really sad. I guess when one is young we don't think about " what if's" he just went for it. I came away saddened by that movie. Great post