Sunday, November 29, 2015

Giving Thanks & Being a Gracious Guest

Last week around the water cooler, the topic turned to Thanksgiving and what we were all bringing.
Some were bringing all, and some were bringing some.
Universally, most families had forecasted some famished faces, and everyone was covering an essential part of the carnivorous feast.
One year, I was resigned to bring the relish tray. The Relish Tray!!? What about ME looks like I would want to bring a relish tray? ..Okay confessional: I love pickles. But again, all I could possibly bring to the table was the relish tray? Enter former control freak ex- boyfriends Mother..
I get it.
When traveling to someone's house for Thanksgiving, more often than not the person hosting the affair will affirm, not to bring anything. However, if you are about to sit your a** in someone's home for several hours for Supper,
Bring Something.
Bring booze, bring blooms. Bring Something, besides your empty stomach. No matter how much someone's Mother may want to control, what you may bring out of a can, showing up empty handed to a several hundred dollar investment feast, makes you look like a fool.
I travel for Thanksgiving.
We all travel for Thanksgiving.
But you mean to tell me in the history of holidays no one has ever carried a casserole across town in their car?? No one has ever perfected a pie and put it in a Prius possible for a few hours passage?
Be a great guest and don't just go and gorge yourself at someone's subdivision home.
Bring them a gift or glass to toast with them.
Fill it up and say "Prost" and "Happy Thanksgiving"
Maybe next year you'll be the one to host.

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