Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Camp Timberlee & My True Calling

A few years ago someone asked me, if I could do anything for work, What would I be doing.
It was a question that stuck with me, because I don't think anyone had asked me something like that since the days of :
"What do you want to be when you grow up" 
And the answer I gave way back when, couldn't be farther from the answer I give now. You see, the entire time I was growing up, I had all intentions and plans of moving east, working in New York, being a Huge part of the fashion industry, and living in a warehouse. My uncle had a warehouse in the city and going to his place was transformative. I couldn't imagine wanting to live in an actual house. Certainly not a single story, three bedrooms down the hall, one bathroom ranch house. It just wasn't in my life's plan. Yup. No green space, my car in an elevator, and all the light and brick, and fire I could get in one space. But I quickly learned how um,,"subjective" That industry could be. And I had the opportunity to move West. And believe you me, once you go West, you cannot possibly go East. At least, my heart can't. 
So my answer just those few years ago was,
I'd be renovating for the working poor, and the deserving.
Not in the way of: I need a vital organ or I'm going to die, deserving. The kind of deserving, where Mom and Dad are both working, paycheck to paycheck, and a run down Dodge, or a flooded basement will absolutely put them under water.
I would go in and transform spaces, where people may rent, or be in an underwater mortgage and make their space truly amazing. Because who just goes and Does that for anyone?
So today, someone tells me I'm not living up to my True Calling. And I laugh, and discuss what They believe is my True Calling. And somehow, what we come up with is a strange, wonderful combination of all things involved.
So for My Next 30 Years, (#theresacountrysongintheresomewhere) I've decided that I'd like to run a Day Camp. Linked to a resort, The kind of Day Camp, where Crafts are a major priority, and girls can come and learn some valuable life skills. The kind of Day Camp that doesn't breed eating disorders, or Mean Girl grudges. If you've been following for awhile(thank you) and these skills are quite congruent with, The top 25, by the time you're 25.
Such skills as:
1. Jump Starting an automobile
2.Starting a Fire.
3. Unclogging a toilet(although hopefully she'll NEVER need to actually do this)
4. Setting a table
5. Ironing pants
6. Making eggs, Over easy
7. Braiding bracelets
8. Re- wiring a lamp
9.Making pie crust
10.Writing a Thank- you letter. 
It may read like some quasi-moto methods for Feminism, but today I thought of the one Camp I went to. Camp Timberlee, when I was 12. It was a cold winter, and I heard the activities were so cool. But once I got there, it was just like I was back in Brownies. The Camp was heavy on the Christianity, which was cool, but this was a school trip and not a testimonial from my own church. We stamped our silly names on leather bracelets, and bedded down on awful bunk beds, 12 deep in dorms. There was a real opportunity for learning there, but I guess it got lost in translation or sermon.
So if you've got a little Sophie, or Sadie, What are some of the life skills you'd like them to know?
What's going to send your little She- Devils off and running?
And what do you think of my plan for a Camp & my True Calling?

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  1. I unclogged a toilet today! Just living the dream!