Monday, October 12, 2015

A Wedding to finish the Week

Last week, at about this very moment, we received some devastating news. 
And by "We" I mean, not P and I directly, but people very close to us. The kind of news that immediately takes you to your knees. In my somewhat small history of knowing P, I've never seen the man waiver.  I've never seen the man break down. I did That night. It was the kind of news that made me think about and reconsider everything and anything I'm doing. That's the power of perspective. It was kind of news that even now, looking at these pictures from the end of the week, and seeing us smile, I cannot believe it was the same week.
I spent most of the week in much of a haze, becoming emotional with no prior notice, or warning.
I drove to work each day with the radio silent and my thoughts making a crazy amount of noise in my head. But alas, I had to quiet the noise. I had to remember that the biggest gift I've received is the Grace to move forward. I couldn't' continue to question what as fair to whom and who deserved what. Where there is life there is death, and where people pass, people live on.
I couldn't leave the house day after day and think, this may be the last time, or question, was that just the last time? I had to continue living, knowing everything would be just fine.
Because the greatest relief for grieving, is to watch two people giving themselves to each other. So thank the lord above, we had a Wedding to finish the week.

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