Friday, October 30, 2015

Fountain Friday

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pumpkins & Gourds and those Jobs I've had

 Congratulations and Welcome Back!
For those of you that have following along with my little Coffee blog, this is Part Deux that I started about a week ago. Remember, "The Ridiculous Women In Retail"? I kept that one pretty short and sweet and boy could I have added and embellished, but, those are the little morsels I'd like to keep to myself. And even though it Is October, I'll keep the cringe worthy moments to the crypt keeper. (random HBO reference)
It Happened Again last night.
I made small reference to a job that I had never talked about before, and again the question was raised where Haven't I worked!? Believe me, its Not something I brag about, but for you Bloggity readers out there, I'll mention a few, that may give you all a scare!! (again, Random Halloween innuendo)
1. CaddyShack
If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they could not believe that my first job was a caddy, I likely would not have the long list of former employers. Yes my first job at age 13 was at the Westmoor Country Club. Yup, they start em' young out in Brookfield. but if I had my vote, every Brittany, and Blake would go out and carry bags for their first job. Every morning at 7am my Dad would drip me off at literally, the Caddy Shack. It wasn't a bad gig, if you had a group right away, and then could come back and have another in the afternoon. But, being a girl and the New Girl, didn't get me any favors. So in the shack we would wait for  foursome, or a group of gals that couldn't carry their clubs. The last summer I worked at Westmoor, was the hottest summer Still on record history in Wisconsin. My last day there, I took a tumble and on Hole 4 and down I went. The heat had officially beat this gal, and I contested not to carry those clubs no more.
2. The Flying J Truck Stop
Yes, you just Read Truck Stop.
After moving out west after my 3rd year of college, I quickly realized That in order to live, and be fed, and be able to have a roof over my head, I had to work. 50% of the people in the community I lived in were wealthy retirees, and the other 35% were bankrolled college kids. I quickly found finding employment was not going to be easy. Everyday the city newspaper printed available employment, and usually by 10am, those jobs were spoken for. Missoula is a city, full of highly educated people working for pennies, all to keep living in a community with a landscape that's hard to forget. I finally landed a job at the Flying J (I'm punny tonight!) The job was absolutely nothing , initially to write home about. But then the stories started coming. The Flying J on I-90 West, was a full service station. There was a Casino, a restaurant, showers, and a coffee bar and sandwich shop. I was hired on to be a barista and eventually started making sandwiches. There were the regulars that came in weekly on their routes and they always had updates about where they'd been. There was even a "semi- lot" manager, Bill, who lived in a camper in the lot and looked over the place. And speaking of looking, the ladies who worked in the restaurant were always looking to make extra money. The Flying J was where I first learned about "Lot Lizards". What an awful name. The girls from the restaurant would go out into the lot and knock on the drivers doors. They pursued providing additional services to the semi drivers staying overnight. (are you catching my Tokyo drift?) Awful. So in the wake of knowing That, the saving grace of working in that sandwich shop, was I was able to take, mostly everything, that had been out for the day, home at night. I was able to not only make some money, but feed our household of 3 for free. 
So call me a Coffee maker, or say I'm a sandwich queen. That Caddy job, and all the other crazy other ones Not mentioned , made this gal have s stronger sense of the money she could make, but also the B.S. she wasn't willing to take

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy FriYay!

It was the perfect Fall morning. 
It fell into the 40's overnight, so we've kept our "Fall television" going all day. I will never stop loving  the smell of woodsmoke at sunrise.
Can we hallelujah we Have a range Hood!! How many months in the making!? And hopefully after this weekend I can share some Before and & Afters!
No day off could be complete without a trip to Targayyyy. I've always believed in having extraordinary things, even for ordinary purposes, like dishtowels..see below...
Does Anyone else match their bathroom bubbles to their decor?? #lifestyleengineer 
And the afternoon ended with an Aaahhhhh...My all time favorite catalog(Sundance) Just in time to sit for a moment, in front of our Fall television. 

Have a Great weekend Coffee readers!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Ridiculous Women in Retail

I was recently discussed that I've had some jobs in my day, and perhaps I should make a list of them and Blog post accordingly.  It naturally morphed into a mental list of the more ridiculous women I have worked with and thus, will be the First 2 part series in Coffee history.
If you identify yourself(and your continuing to seek me and my blog out) consider yourself lucky.
You have given me a lot of laughter and stories to tell.
Hopefully, you have changed your ways around the work place.
The names have been changed to protect? The guilty.
1. Mary Anne.
Mary Ann was a younger key holder of mine years ago. She had formerly worked at a skateboard shop and found herself un-expectantly, expecting. Apparently it was time to get a Real job and she found herself selling higher fashion. Two months into our time together, she found herself yet again, un-expectantly getting ready for another 9 month go round.
Almost immediately the telephone started ringing. Everday that Mary Ann would open the store, she would call me to come in early to, ehhmm, relieve her, because she had been in the bathroom all morning, trying to eehhmm, relieve her self. Yes, apparently pregnancy constipation had gotten the best of her, and our shared bathroom. Kill me. This misery(for us both) went on for months.
Cue : One cleaning company to come every other day. I had to actually start timing her bathroom breaks and reporting them to HR for auditing on her timecard.
And you think you have a Shit job. Pun. Intended.
2. Natalie(yoursopretty)Greely
To understand how ridiculous this person is, you have to know that every correspondence, text message, e mail, voicemal ect. that I received from this woman, came complete with an automatic signature of Natalie(yoursopretty)Greely. Need I say more> Okay I will. I'll give it up to this woman. In the log arduous history of interviewing and hiring, I have never been snowed. The day I hired this woman it must have snowed in hell. I had been completely snowed. But I wasn't the only one. She had been interviewed by 2 prior recruiters and passed with flying colors, err should I say snow? She was putting herself through law school. She was raising her daughter on her own. She was making her own barbeque sauce. She was a correction officer. She was everything and anything.Almost immediately there was Drama. The first Sunday she ran the store? That morning she had been kicked out of her apartment with her daughter, and her landlord/ drug lord had thrown all their belongings over the banister. But she was okay.? I started to get phone calls from the mall reporting my store was closing early almost nightly, especially when Natalie was working. So I started logging on to my laptop nightly, where I could see the store ( I know creepy, right?) There she was in all her glory, rounding up anyone trying to retail after 8:30pm. You'd think she was trying to herd cattle. And then it was curtains to the doors. Soon after that, it was curtains to Natalie(yoursopretty)Greeley
3. Lindsey.
Oohh,, Lindsey. Lindsey was the prophet of Do as I Say, Not as I do. A rule follower and T crosser to the enthh degree. All paper work due and done on time. All lists completed and collated. I knew quickly that this was comforting to Lindsey. If she was able to see, in writing, that something was done, it deepened her sense self worth. Lindsey was notorious for needing to "re- organize" files, the night before a big visit. As the rest of us are folding our knickers off (literally), shes kickin' it in the office.
Lindsey would frequently discuss the stringy details of her relationship. Everyone knew there was trouble in paradise, but that was all pumiced over by a proposal. But that was the way of the world for Lindsey. Sweeping statements and more proclaiments, made it all better. The attempt was always made to marinade with the Marilyns and Madelines. And if there was common ground to coerce over, Perfect. Yoga, Running, Sugar free, Gluten free, Dairy Free. Everything was free and there was always a program we were on. Yes in front of the Francines, we were dairy and gluten free, but after her footsteps left the floor, a cinnamon roll went in that big door(her mouth). And speaking of door, she even admitted to me once, outside of closed doors, that she liked to have wine night, with another co- worker, and look up peoples criminal background and social security reports(she had access to this info) I immediately told her this was disgusting, and wanted no part of any more information like this.
I can't make these stories up people.
Believe me sometimes I wish I had. But these are the reasons I've stayed in this crazy business they call retail, and the Ridiculous Women in it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Wedding to finish the Week

Last week, at about this very moment, we received some devastating news. 
And by "We" I mean, not P and I directly, but people very close to us. The kind of news that immediately takes you to your knees. In my somewhat small history of knowing P, I've never seen the man waiver.  I've never seen the man break down. I did That night. It was the kind of news that made me think about and reconsider everything and anything I'm doing. That's the power of perspective. It was kind of news that even now, looking at these pictures from the end of the week, and seeing us smile, I cannot believe it was the same week.
I spent most of the week in much of a haze, becoming emotional with no prior notice, or warning.
I drove to work each day with the radio silent and my thoughts making a crazy amount of noise in my head. But alas, I had to quiet the noise. I had to remember that the biggest gift I've received is the Grace to move forward. I couldn't' continue to question what as fair to whom and who deserved what. Where there is life there is death, and where people pass, people live on.
I couldn't leave the house day after day and think, this may be the last time, or question, was that just the last time? I had to continue living, knowing everything would be just fine.
Because the greatest relief for grieving, is to watch two people giving themselves to each other. So thank the lord above, we had a Wedding to finish the week.