Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Searsucker and what's Wrong with Retail

Last week, some pretty heavy hitters in the Retail ballgame announced some major changes to their line up. Mainstay stores with names that rhyme with "Rap" , pronounced the passing and closing of roughly 20-25% of their brick and mortar monuments.
And the people were surprised.
After considering it for some days, 
I'm prepared to make some commentary.
And before you ask, I'm a dinosaur in this business. I have more years under my belt than I ever expected to. And at this point, it's my expertise. And I continue to dream, about having my own Retail Home (store)
Retailers now, Exist solely, to Take your Returns.
Read it again.
Your Online Returns.
Gone are the days, where someone Has to feel fabrics under their fingers, and figure out the fits in person. Touching something before we part with any tender is no longer necessary. Every night, there's a Chardonnay induced shopping spree going on Somewhere. The 5ft 7in model, will make you believe, anything will look That good on your body. And if the model wasn't enough, Free shipping for that flimsy Final Sale T- shirt will do just fine.
And when the wine wears off, your local Wal- mart, or Target, or where ever, will be waiting to process your returns.
Then there's the Coupons...
Double coupons, stacked coupons, extreme couponing, cash back, bounce back, slap back. Military discounts, Teacher discounts, first responder discounts, parking meter discounts. Can I get a discount because I work in Retail discount??
I remember a day not so far in the distance when the retailers didn't even dabble in such deals. They just sold great stuff. But we stopped buying their stuff, without the special sales.
So next time your sour, because your local store has closed, Ask yourself when was the last time you actually did some shopping there. When was the last time you took the time to look around and learn that all those "late night deals", are actually at your local store?
When was the last time you did more than lob your leggings at a cashier to return, in the 10 seconds you have to make it on time to Carpool? 
And That my friends, just scratches the surface on What's Wrong with Retail.

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