Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy #nationalpetday

A few days ago the magic of Instagram reminded me that it is #nationalpetday on August 26th.
I thought it would be the perfect time to do a post on my "other" dog.
As people recently have expressed surprise when I mention that indeed I do, have "another" dog.
Allow me to Introduce: Buster.
Buster Guster, Blackjack, Monkey, Monkle, Monkle Doodle.
He came from a breeder in Brownsville, and make no mistake, I have offered to drive him back to Browntown more than a few times. But also, truth be told, I always wanted a dumb, stupid, loyal lab.
This guy will run for 10 hours a day and chase a tennis ball
well into the time he's suppose to hit the hay. He will run any other dog down, but think he's still cool enough to hit the town. I'm still waiting,,patiently for the day he is humbled.
He's the guy that runs to all the houses on our side of the lake up north and pretends he hasn't been fed and is starving. He's also the dog that went through a 20 lb. bag of dog food in less than a week, when staying with Grandpa, because he "looked hungry". One time he even ate an entire dozen Krispy Kreme donuts off the kitchen counter, and made sure the lid was on just perfectly afterwards.
"Are you ready for some Football?" this guy is.
And can he get a side of chili with that?
Surprisingly, especially for being P's dog, his drink of choice is lake water, versus an ice cold brew.
I don't entire hate his guy.
I may just pretend to be not impressed with his athleticism. Case in point: Just a few months ago, on our morning walk, Buster pulled out of his leash and ran into the street for a chicken bone someone threw out. Leaving my own 4 legged love behind, there I went, stage diving on top that retriever, to spare that labs life.
I even entered him last year into the Orvis picture dog challenge, where he received an Honorable Mention from the company vice- president. (C' Mon! he even had the Orvis collar on!)
So on this years, #nationalpetday, I am prioritizing this pooch.
I thoroughly enjoy our morning walks and can appreciate his acknowledgement of my commands of, Heel, Wait, Stay, and Go, all without the confines of a leash.
I secretly, but sadly look forward to the day, that this dog will be less dock diver, and more of a summer snoozer. At the rate this mammal's moving, we've got at least 5 more maniacal years!
Happy #nationalpetday Buster!

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