Monday, July 20, 2015

The 3 stages of Vacation

Every July, I take the majority of my vacation for the year, for the 4th.
I'm fortunate enough, that the business I'm in is a bit, well, stagnant, for the month, and it just so coincides with my Favorite Holiday! In my world, I've been shuffling the same Sale merchandise for several months. And all the fitting rooms become littered with last seasons picks. If you've followed me on Instagram, or if your lucky enough(sarc) to be one of the chosen few on Facebook, you'd know packing for any pre-determined trip is my forte .
1. In the beginning, as in the night before your vacation starts, there's a sense of the last day of school. So much excitement and anticipation, and the time seems like it's gonna last forever! P and I even made a list this year of 1.Rainy Day activities 2. Sunny over 80 degree activities 3. Sunny and under 80 degree activities, I'm Not Really That Much of a planner, I swear. 
2. Inevitably in the interim, I start to consider if I've been replaced(whhhaaaaa?)
I start to feel like I need a purpose besides raking the beach and taking boat rides.
I feel like I could Really go back at any time.
Do I dare say it?! I kind of miss my peeps!
But then it starts to Happen...
3.We start to silently count down the number of sleeps until we have to start making our way home.
We fantasize, and wax poetic about how soon we'll be able to make the move.
How long it will be, before P and I can pack up everything and run our little resort, or pour cups of coffee for all our customers at our little store.
So hopefully, next time you take vacation,
you can skip steps 2& 3 and live all the days like your Free! 

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