Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ridiculous Weekly Round Up

I know,,,Not the Ridiculous you were expecting, but this has been my "drive into town" road for the past week. 5 miles down a dirt road,, Sounds Perfect.. 
The boys in Northern Wisconsin Know how to stock a liquor department. The best assortment I've seen, even including those south and in the cities! (Did I mention, there a whole other side, and a whole other aisle!!?)
"Truck Houling"
I used to be friends with someone that prided herself with correcting someone else's grammatical shortcomings. I guess it was her way to feel smart. I got a giggle out of this little spray painted sign though..!
This was 12 hours of ridiculousness. This ball is his life, and my life reading about the Kardashian's happened in 15 second breaks. A few people this week mentioned to me that I never speak of this lab of mine,,wellerr..technicially he's a step-dog..Maybe a later post this week..
Totally Over It. 
Ohh yup... Just as I was expecting to have a somewhat "quiet" fashion week..This Happens!
The saving grace? There's shorts underneath there?
And apparently full bottomed panties?
People...C'MON!! There's people out there like me, with Cameras!! 
"You had One job"
I could care less about your education and your professional accolades..However,
When I see a Government,, A GOVERNMENT produced sign along our trail?! This HAS to go documented...
Apparently someone wanted us to be Careful, very Carefull
Hope you enjoyed the Weekly Round up!

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