Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ridiculous Weekly Round Up

Because my eyes cannot stop seeing these things on a regular basis, I've decided to start doing a Ridiculous Weekly Round up.
If you're "Offended", you should have stopped perusing this little blog months ago.
If you're amused, Enjoy.. 
Are those actually palm trees on her socks??
Yes, I take pictures of people that BEG for their picture to be taken.(sarc.)
Ya'll been warned.
And do I ever go out in my lounge clothes?
The answer is No, and Never. 
Yup,, it hits 70 degrees in Small-waukee and we're all acting like it's 90.
"Spray tan holding on line 1.."
This was a Thing?? I'm pretty small,, but I'll leave my heels and my tennis shoes in separate categories. Apparently they weren't such a hit judging by the number of them on Clearance.
This needed to happen? People wage war against companies that offer smaller sizes, and claim it creates eating disorders. Doesn't this add to another type of eating disorder?
"Hi, this is 1997 calling, we found your sunglasses"!!
I cannot even Believe these are still for sale!? And people are buying them!!?
Steve Madden,,,Shame on you... 
The only bigger douchebag that tries these on is the Douchebagg still buying them.
Ohh,, and your boyfriend can have matching blades! 
How Cute!!
I'm dying,, and my dogs are licking me wondering what's going on.
Hope you enjoyed this weeks Ridiculous Weekly Round Up!

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