Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why Wal-Mart's the Best place in the world

People ask me All the time, "Where do you Find this stuff?"
I guess I've always had a knack for making the un-desirable, desirable. Perhaps growing up in a home with 2 older sisters, and getting their (crap) hand- me downs, made me seek out even more for myself. Park me in the middle of no where, or the middle of downtown, I'll find some fun stuff, no matter What the price tag. So allow me to share with you what I found this week at my local Wal- Mart....Yes you fancy Bloggers,,,I just typed Wal- Mart.
Remember those Cartier turn- loc bracelets?..I couldn't walk away for these at $1! 
You see, Wal - Mart doesn't pretend to be what it's Not. You've seen Right!? It doesn't have (many) designer collaborations, and you Can find great stuff there, you just have to look. A good friend just told me, "I never know if your outfit ran you $1,000 or $1, you are classy as F*ck it doesn't matter". I'm going to go ahead and take that as a compliment!
$4 Ladies,,, These t shirts are Regularly $4! How Very Kate Spade of them!
Lemme give you a pro-tip: I buy these suits every year. At $4.66 if I lose one , or "donate" one to the water, I'm not out too much. I take them to my monogrammer and have her customize them, and Voila!.. see below. Classy as F*ck,,right?
Then, at some point earlier this year, the jewelry buyer got a pair, (sarc.) and started stocking the shelves with these sparklers! 
Truth be told: I've worn $100 necklaces, and $10 necklaces...I'll give you One guess on the ones I receive More compliments on!!..Classy as F*ck.. (maybe a new blog name)
And this post Cannot, Can Not go without recognizing the best ice cream ever produced!! When I get near a Super Wal- Mart I usually end up with between 4-6 quarts of this stuff! They have recently discontinued Blackberry Crumble and I am momentarily calling the ice cream execs to get it back in action! 
So hopefully some girl out there in rural America is reading this blog. I hope she realizes that 99% of Blogger fashion comes "gifted". She can look just as Great, and I bet better with pieces she can get in places nearby.And her weekly trip to Wal- Mart can go down as one of the Best places in the World.

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