Saturday, April 25, 2015

Let's Talk Lilly

Can I just say.. I love that Annie totally photo bombed?? 
The Umbrella!! 
Freakin Buster... 
Scandelously SHORT!!! Chinka Chinka Chinka!
Ok ladies,, and maybe a few of my Gays...After much promoting and persuasive conversation I'm ready to Talk Target, and Lilly for Target.
I'm Prepared to talk about 2 things:
1. Why this designer collaboration works
2.How I feel about the whoring of this on E Bay.
First of all, so ya'll know...I live this stuff.. I breathe this stuff,,and have been since I can remember getting dressed. Not the brand Lilly specificially, but all things clothing, designer, and dressing. Truth is, I'd rather buy clothes than eat. And if my middle school mindset would have transpired and taken me to the East Coast, I'd be right with Carrie Bradshaw, stowing sweaters inside my stove. 
But alas, I am here. And here is right where I'd rather be. And if you were under a rock last week you may have missed single handedly the most influential designer collaboration a discount retailer has launched in this lifetime for far. It's 2015 and the powers that be have come to the realization that giving away designer dresses, and having them only on a handful of celebutants, isn't creating That much coin. I present to you: The designer collaboration. People have been quoted, very Fashion-y people, saying, "Miss Lilly would turn over in her Grave if she knew she was in Target!!". Nope. No she wouldn't. Because she was a forward thinker when the train was still in the station. Truth is, young talent will trade just about anything to get their name out there. One of my favorite designer stories is about young man that delivered food in early 90's in New York City. Sometimes while serving someone supper, he'd include one of his famous sequined dresses!!!(look it up people) So Lilly would not have turned over in her grave. Now, this brand name has been on the lips of everyone from Boston to Santa Barbara. And the advertising for this launch...2 words: Pure genius...a 4 month tease of the most tickling pieces.
And they lined up. Starting as early as 7am, Starbucks sipping suburbanites staked their claim on the concrete sidewalk at Target to (hopefully)trample in and treat themselves. Record breaking it was. Selling out in a matter of minutes, the collection was a HIT. And if you were a good Christian(sarc.) and attended mass of another sort, and visited the store afterwards, it was like it never happened.
I had no plans of going to the store. Gulp. Yup. Nope.
It was a bit of  tug of war. I had bought one of my first Lilly pieces years ago at a garage sale,,,Yes, A Garage Sale!! (sometime ago while apparently in a "mood" clearing out my closet I got rid of it! It was a Pantsuit!!) And while I knew it was going to be a big hit, the behavior I knew I would see would be too much to bear. of the product launching overnight was all over the net.
So this was my night:
10:30pm Go to bed
12:00am wake up and check website
1:00am wake up and check website
2:00am website up and running for 6 minutes
3:00 wake up and check crashed website
4:00am wake up and check crashed website
4:10am website up and running!! Put everything in my cart I wanted, check out, get confirmation # an get the Hell outta Dodge before it dives again!
Then I get the feeling.
The feeling that I should have gotten more. I was able to get all I wanted and more..but because I was able to, I should have tried for more???Whattt? Yes, I became swept up in it. And seeing everyone else Instagram what they got, made the gaudy feeling worse. Yes, 3 dresses, 1 pair of shoes, 1 umbrella and one set of tea cups wasn't enough? It Was enough. And the shoes went back because they were 2 sizes too big. I didn't need any more, and the few things I had that I was unsure about, I knew a few friends would be appreciative for. The selling and whoring of this whole thing has gotten way out of hand. If you are on Ebay, buying price gauged gauchos, do yourself some justice, and just buy the real thing. And if you are a seller on E Bay, pawning some of the Nosie Posey pieces,, Congratulations. You have more time than I to waste. You are the ones I wanted to avoid that day. 
See, I could sell all my stuff too and make several hundreds, (if not more dollars) on my duds. I Do have a costly kitchen remodel in process. But I did my due diligence, and ducked out of several hours of sleep. I got everything I wanted(and more) while in the privacy of my pajamas. Things like that Just happen for me. And if they don't, I don't dick around with elbow throwing housewives to get some homewares,,,That my friends, would make Miss Lilly turn over in her Grave.

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