Monday, April 13, 2015

Jelly Beans & My Imperfect Proposal

About this time of year I get a little giggle.
When I start to see the Easter candy come out and the jelly beans fill nearby bowls.
See, 3 years ago this year, I got a handful of beans, that was better than anyone else's.
It may not be the jumping out of an airplane, write my name in the stars type of proposal, but I'm not a smoke in mirrors kinda girl, so I'm going to call that sh*t out a mile away. Luckily for P, he took this all into consideration. Let me warn you, this story involves me wearing a do- rag...A DO-RAG people!!
We had dated, and done the dance for a bit over 2 years. We had separate houses and had become somewhat restless living out of a bag. The solution was to have 2 of everything, and try not to become totally frustrated in the process. See my house was in the city, and a 6 minute cab ride from everything. His house was a bit north of town, and at least 20 degrees cooler in the summer. My little house had everything new and just what I wanted. I called it my Sex & the City house, and it was just perfect. All of my shoes were on shelves, and my furniture was fluffy.
His place was a bit of a bachelor pad, complete with a Foosball table in the front room. Forget about closet space, and lets not even begin about the bathroom. I planted my feet in my fancy little house and refused to move. Jewelry aside, I wasn't going to "just move".
Despite our dual housing happenstance, we continued our courtship.
And at some point, I cannot come to remember why, but the consideration of jewelry did come up. I guess I was making sure a Carrie & Aiden marquis cut mis-hap, wouldn't happen. (people,.. look it up) And there were two in consideration. Some element of surprise, would be perfect.
So on that day, that rainy day in April, I was expecting anything to happen, except what actually did.
I had been at his house most of the day. I was off work, and making the most of the modifications I had done to the manor. P came home from work as I was preparing the nights feast. He walked in to find me in workout wear, and the do-rag in my unwashed wig. I was getting ready to leave for my work out, and was walking him through the dinner details. Spoiling his supper, he kept slipping jelly beans into his mouth. One by one, he kept offering them to me. I took one or two, but became quickly annoyed that he 1. Wasn't listening that the spaghetti sauce had to simmer 2. Or that he apparently missed the Do- Rag, and I wanted no jelly beans in my belly. So after the last jelly bean was dropped into my hands, I asked him if I could trade the candy in for something else....whattttt...these moments in your life when something else takes over?? strange...
And he says Ok. He puts both hands forward, palms closed, and asks what hand I choose.
I tap the right, he opens his hand slightly and the sparkler drops into mine!!!
OMIGOSHHHHH right??!!!
I come to find out he's been keeping these carats in his lunch box all week..You're dying, right?
And the Master plan was to go into the quaint country town nearby, get my favorite caramel apple and somehow slide it over the stick when the sweet girl behind the counter rings him up.
However.. it was raining. Pouring rain, for most of the week. And if P would have proposed, going for a walk in the rain, wandering around town, I would have seen right through it.
So in the kitchen, with the spaghetti sauce in the background, and a do- rag in his foreground, P took a gamble on a handful of beans, and gained himself a bride. And in true fashion, when any famous moment in my life happens, I cannot get in touch with Anyone! There were no video cameras, and no witnesses, just him and I.
But in that moment my friends, and now, I am perfectly happy, with my imperfect proposal.

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